Crystal Surgery Tutorial: How to Give Yourself a Crystal Healing Session

This tutorial presents easy instructions for giving yourself a Crystal Healing session at home. Use whatever stones you do have to substitute for what you don’t have. The video opens with some explanation of the tools you need and preparing the chakra layout. Then do the following steps: 1. Clear the energy field, using your hands. 2. Sweep the energy field, using a cluster, with the points facing away from the physical body. 3. Open the chakras with a laser wand, or the point of any crystal. 4. Do an infusion of the layer of the energy field closest to the physical body, by smoothing the stones over the physical body. 5. Lie down in the chakra layout. You can energize the stones by placing your hands on them, beginning at the root chakra, and breathing consciously in and out about 3 times, with your hands in each position.
Presenter: Vivien Schapera
Videographer: Neil Schapera
Resources: The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020) and
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