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Are you ready for a thrilling crystal journey?
Is 2021 the year to take your crystal healing skills to a new dimension?

Enter a New Era in Crystal Healing

Vivien is very excited to deliver what you have been asking for – over 100 pages of information on crystal healing, based in over 33 years of research and development.
In this innovative presentation, Vivien shares a host of tips and techniques to promote your enjoyment, knowledge and skills.

  • Learn how to enhance vitality and quality of life
  • Discover the most powerful and precise crystal healing skills
  • Study in your own home at your own pace.

Vivien’s new book :
The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery
is available to order now


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Thank you for your continued support and interest in Crystal Surgery.

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The Library – Learn essential care for your crystals including storing, organizing and recharging plus beginning to develop your own power and intuition!
Foundation Course – Learn traditional crystal healing techniques and build your foundation with Vivien’s insightful understanding of crystals
Crystal Surgery Basics – Crystal Surgery consists of both a comprehensive repertoire of skills as well as over 100 Crystal Healing Protocols.

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