Crystal Surgery Tutorial: How to Put Together Your Crystal Healing Board

A crystal healing board can be used to give remote healing sessions, to give yourself a healing session and to do crystal readings. This tutorial guides you through how to assemble a crystal healing board from what you have – small tumbled stones, jewelry, and found objects. Large tools, used in in-person sessions can also be used in a remote session, but a collection of miniature tools can add a special note of satisfaction.

The board itself is a tray covered with fabric. To give remote sessions, you need either a proxy crystal, or a diagram or a photograph to stand in for the client and to connect you energetically to the client. If you don’t have a large enough crystal, you can use a drawing or photo and place a small crystal on it, to create the energetic connection.

Jewelry can be ideal for use in this context. The pieces are small, yet with strong energy. Gifts and family heirlooms are particularly powerful, especially when they package an interesting story together with their energetic dynamics.

This tutorial also includes information about the etheric tissue of the energy field, and how it has parallels with the structure of a feather. This makes a feather a very suitable tool for smoothing and soothing the energy field.

Other points of interest include the mind screen, which develops with practice. The mind screen is a screen in the mind, onto which imagery is projected, allowing the practitioner to see and read etheric energy.

Here are some resources for tools that are demonstrated and mentioned in this video:
Gorgeous Awesome provided the copper crafted Hair Pin and the Lemurian Wand on the Bead Chain. They can be found on Instagram, and Etsy.
Magical Delights makes the silver wands that you can see in all the videos, including this one. They can be found on Instagram, Facebook and as Spirit Dancer Crystals on the web.
Ro Patterson, who gifted me with the Faden Pendant, is located in Denver, Colorado and can be found on Facebook.
Almost all the crystal tools that we use in these videos can be accessed through us, by emailing us via our website contact form. Our website is

Presenter: Vivien Schapera
Photographer: Neil Schapera
Resources: The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020) and
Also: Gorgeous Awesome, Magical Delights and Spirit Dancer Crystals