Guided Book Tour

The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery
is an 8.5 x 11, 380 page,
presentation for crystal healing professionals.
The unique content is also of interest to
energy healers, and other practitioners,
seeking to advance their knowledge
of energetic dynamics.

Equivalent to 7 Crystal Surgery courses!

Look inside the Book




Welcome to The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery guided tour! After the usual title pages, the book begins with this dedication on p. v, followed by a preface.

After the preface, you can meet the creators.

The best way to get a feel for a textbook, is to look at the Table of Contents. This shows you everything that is in the book, and in what order. You can get an excellent insight into the range of topics, as well as the organization and structure of the book.

The Introduction begins with an explanation of Crystal Surgery. The book has many full-page photographs, designed to provide visual learning. Here you can read the explanation and see the first full page photograph.

The introductory section deals with 4 topics: Crystal Surgery overview, Roles and Responsibilities of the Crystal Surgery Practitioner, the Etheric Dimension and Etheric Tissue. Each topic is accompanied by an illustrative full-page photograph. Here you can read how etheric tissue is explained and see the accompanying photograph. As you proceed with the tour, you will notice that we have used a number of different models. All the models are members of the FourWinds Academy community, accurately depicting the age and range of people who enjoy the benefits of Crystal Surgery. (FourWinds Academy is our school for training healers.)

Chapter 1 is on the subject of energy anatomy. A knowledge of energy anatomy is necessary to being able to do Crystal Surgery and all the essential information, from beginner to advanced, is available here together with clear diagrams. Other than the drawings of the chakra locations, which are based on the traditional Vedic system, all the energy anatomy information has been drawn from Vivien’s perceptions when doing energy healing work. Consequently, some of this information is unique to this text. In the following sample you can see how old and new information has been integrated.

Each chakra gets a page and illustration of its own. Although the amount of space given to each chakra may not seem like much, the information is dense and layered.

One of the most important pieces of this book, is the skills chapter. Crystal Surgery skills are best learned via demonstration – and accompanying demo videos are provided on the website. However, for the book to be complete, it was necessary to solve the problem of turning 5-D into 2-D. We’re excited for you to see how we met the challenge! Here are some sample pages from Chapter 2 The Skills of Crystal Surgery.

After dealing with the foundation subjects of anatomy and skills, we begin the technique chapters. First comes Chapter 3 The Framework, which deals with the structural elements of a Crystal Surgery session. We chose to show you something that is probably familiar to you, so you can fully enjoy the way we have treated the topic, namely Opening Chakras.

Chapter 4 deals with clearing cords. In these sample pages you can see more original renditions of the etheric, as well as the illustrative and didactic nature of the photos. Also, in this chapter, is the presentation of the template we used for organizing the technique information. This is an example of the 2-page spread. On the left we lay out what skills and tools you need to do the technique, as well as how the technique fits into a session; and on the right, we describe what the technique addresses and then give the step-by-step instructions. Essentially, this is a recipe book!

Each chapter begins with an explanation about its topic. Here you can see read the explanation for Chapter 5 The Importance of Detoxification in Healing

Not all the techniques could fit into a 2-page template, so we also developed a 4-page template. This is from Chapter 6 Counteracting Inflammation.

The following pages from Chapter 7  Supporting the Physical were chosen for this tour, to show you how the skill diagrams, photographs and written instructions all work together.

And from Chapter 8 Balancing Psychological Dynamics:

These pages from Chapter 9 Manipulating Etheric Tissue show how we depicted the invisible. They also show a modified 4-page spread.

The chapters proceed in a sequence that mimics, as closely as possible, the sequence you would follow in the structure of a session, as you progress through the layers. Here are sample pages from Chapter 10 Building Etheric Tissue.

The majority of the information is unique to Crystal Surgery and can only be found in this text, and this is true also of Chapter 11 Imprints on the Energy Field. Here you can see a 4-page layout where we have done our best to explain this new and unfamiliar information in a clean, straightforward presentation.

Your Crystal Surgery education is not complete until you’re having fun with creating and testing your own techniques and putting together your own procedures. Chapter 13, Generating Your Own Techniques and Procedures encourages you to apply your intuition and make your own discoveries.

The back matter of the book includes a glossary, a list of references, a subject index and a stone index. Here are sample pages from those sections.

We are clearly living in the Crystal Age, and as this century unfolds, we will see more and more applications of crystal technology. Crystal healing, in general, is likely to have an expanding role in our society, and Crystal Surgery in particular, has value to add.

Thank you for joining us. We hope you enjoyed the book tour!

And remember: videos of all the techniques and procedures are being systematically documented and posted on our YouTube channel, as well as this website. Using the name of the technique, you can do a search on google, or this site, and the video with the relevant demo should come up!