About Crystal Surgery

Crystal Surgery is a new style of crystal healing, founded in the 1990’s by Vivien Schapera.

In Crystal Surgery, the crystals are used in very specific ways as tools for “operating” on both the energy field and the energy body. The energy field is the electromagnetic force field, which emanates from the physical body and the energy body, and surrounds the physical body. The energy body is the energetic duplicate of the physical body and is made up of etheric tissue. Etheric tissue consists of “materials” from the etheric dimension, in contrast to the physical body, which is made up of materials from the earthly dimension.

Originally, the Crystal Surgery techniques were comprised mostly of procedures for “operating.” The Healer holds and uses the crystals like scalpels and other surgical instruments, and applies the crystals to skills such as scraping, cutting, cleaning, suctioning and stitching.

Crystals are an ideal instrument for such activities: Imagine that you are a chef and you have a magical knife. This magical knife can sense the food properties as it cuts, and as it senses, it can also deliver the precise ingredients that will balance and harmonize the flavors of the entire dish you are creating. And that is not all! Additionally the knife can develop a bond with you, and begin to communicate telepathically, giving you all manner of salient information. Well, that is what crystals can do in Crystal Surgery! Crystals can be used as tools for specific “surgical”actions, whilst they simultaneously adjust wavelength and chemistry.

At the time of founding, the Crystal Surgery syllabus evolved into 2 manuals – one for operating on the energy field and one for operating on the energy body. Vivien then considered how most healers learn how to “fix what’s broken.” But, based on her extensive experience of working one-on-one with people, she realized that Healing requires additional capacities. In response to this insight, Vivien developed a  3rd manual which consists of a set of advanced protocols, for energetically removing “what doesn’t belong” (de-imprinting) and adding “what’s missing” (imprinting.)

The Crystal Surgery body of knowledge continues to grow. From 2013 to 2015, 2 new manuals of crystal healing techniques were developed, and in 2015 the first set of instructors were trained to share this information. Currently there are instructors in the USA, Canada and South Africa. Students who have trained in Crystal Surgery have also begun to contribute to the body of knowledge, by adding their insights, and developing techniques of their own.

The existing manuals are suited to in-person instruction, in small classes. The task of adapting the material, and the style of delivery, to what can be handled by a web site, has begun:- Welcome to crystalhealingtechniques.com.


Name Location Email / phone/Website
Vivien Schapera Originator and Principal Instructor Cincinnati, OH
Gabi Henderson
Djuna Wojton
Katie Cataldi
Kaylen & Tony Gioia Instructor Fayeteville, IN holistictreasuresandtechniqes.com
Tonya Sink Instructor Saxaphaw, NC onlyskyhealing.com
Brooke Lieb Instructor New York, NY brookelieb.com
Anastasia Pridlides Instructor Brooklyn, NY movementhealingarts.com
Jean Tindle & Robert Geisel


Instructor Madison, WI spiritdancercrystals.com
Katherine Keeping Instructor Thunder Bay, ON gratitudegemoils.com
Bailey Mylleville Instructor Hamilton, ON baileymy@hotmail.com


Nicole Lavergne  
Debbie Caknis Instructor Cape Town
South Africa
(021) 790-1340
Janine Davies Instructor Johannesburg
South Africa
(027) 8-2455-9336
Belinda Davidson Instructor Cape Town
South Africa

(072) 142 2748

Robyn Fergus Instructor Cape Town
South Africa
(027)83 309 6092
Zoe Lory Instructor In Spirit Thank You Zoe!