About Crystal Healing Techniques

Thank you for joining us in the study of crystals and crystal healing, including all the background information that we need, to ground and expand our skills.

For a long time I have been sitting on a significant body of knowledge – a body of knowledge that has grown to well over one hundred step-by-step crystal healing techniques – but I haven’t known how to get it to you.

I realized that publishing this material in print would not really work. The presentation requires a versatile combination of text, photos, drawings, diagrams and video clips, in an adaptable sequence, suited to different learning styles and different levels of experience.

I dreamed of a web site – a web site that could make the information come alive even better than a classroom; a web site that would be a wonderful source of knowledge; a place that you can visit again and again. But the prospect of building such a web site, in all its intricacies and demands, seemed way too daunting! 

With much encouragement (insistence?) from the students who have taken my courses, I have now begun the process of sculpting CHT out of the mass of knowledge that has been accumulating, at a steady pace, since 1995.

Think of this reference as a crossover – a hybrid between a book and a web site. This is an online book that can be delivered to you, in sections, as the material is ready, a book that can be updated regularly, a book that can grow.

The plan is to regularly add new information and new courses, allowing this web site to evolve systematically into the next great resource in crystal healing.