Crystal Surgery Meditation to Boost the Immune System

Here is a guided meditation to boost the immune system and stimulate cellular metabolism.

Preparing to Connect

Let’s begin by preparing to connect. We do need to open ourselves to energetic connection in order to get the optimum effect, yet we do not want to open ourselves to invasive or interfering energies. We shield our process by using Peridot. Peridot makes an excellent energetic wall!

First, we clear and refresh our work area. To align the energies, we literally align the elements we are going to engage:

• Straighten all the crystal tools and the healing board.
• Sweep the board.
• Use a dab of aromatherapy oil, and spray rosewater.
• Bless the board with White Light.


With the appropriate protection in place, we are ready to connect. I begin by de-programming my Diamantina proxy crystal of any previous information. With the intention of clearing, I stroke the crystal 7 times, from feet to head to clear any previous programming, and empty the energetic debris into the cleansing bowl.

Then I ask the crystal to become available to connect with you, by stroking the crystal 7 times from head to foot, visualizing the crystal as an open and receptive channel.

I invite you to imagine an etheric cord from this crystal to you. Visualize a beam of White Light coming from this crystal, through space and time, and connecting with your energy system, via your third eye. This is a cord of pure White Light that has healing and protective energy.

Calming with Basic Prep

We clear the energy field with this feather. As it strokes the energy field, the energy field is gently soothed, and separated from the environment, restoring the boundary between what’s inside you and what’s outside you.

Next we sweep the energy field to clear it of the outside influences that cling to the energy field. We sweep the entire field, from above the head to below the feet. At least 3 times. We also sweep the soles of the feet.

Now we can open the chakras.Our aim is to harmonize the chakras with each other. We work our way up the chakra system, from root to sacral to solar plexus to heart to throat to third eye to crown. Picture the colors of the rainbow – red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Then let all the colors swirl together, becoming a bright White Light. Your whole being fills with White Light, so that it emanates from you, causing your energy field to glow white. As you breathe, allow the White Light to pulsate with your breathing.

Immune Boost Procedure

Now we can boost our cellular metabolism. Every cell in our bodies has to have the energy to do its daily work. Using Diopside and Thunder Bay Amethyst, we V-Grid the energy field. The minerals in these stones have the capacity to wake up the cells in the physical body and get them working more efficiently. Each in-breath helps your cells get the oxygen they need; each out-breath clears the waste from your cells. Your slow and regular breathing is helping your cells to metabolize efficiently.

Next we use Shungite. Shungite is a special mineral. It is carbon with a unique molecular structure called fullerenes. Fullerenes are used in medicine as an antiviral, to purify water and have antioxidant properties. Fullerenes can be used to stimulate the metabolic action of our cells. As I pulse the Shungite Spheres, I squeeze them a little and this enhances the ion exchange, enhances the chemical action, enhances the effect.

After the Shungite step, we build a circuit to strengthen the immune system. The immune system is also known as the lymphatic system. This a capillary system that networks throughout our bodies, except for the brain and spinal cord, but it doesn’t have a pump. Breathing, and the movement of skeletal muscles, are two of the ways that the capillary action is stimulated.

The circuit uses copper and Thunder Bay Amethyst. I grid with the jet on the high heart, area of the thymus gland, and place a piece of Larimar, a piece of copper and a piece of jet. Then I grid the spleen. I place my fingers on the circuit stones, to switch on the circuit and energize the flow. Continue to breathe slowly and evenly and deeply. Continue to relax. Allow a flow of energy through your physical body. Allow your energy to brighten and pulse.

To finish, we can surround ourselves with the spiritual brightness of White Apophyllite, and the soft and loving glow of Rose Quartz. The White Wand, with a Vogel and a Cathedral Quartz, brings a final shower of White Light, to strengthen and bless you.

Feeling love and connection, empowerment and peace, we end this meditation. . Send the cord of White Light back to the crystal. Cover your third eye with your hand, and breathe consciously in and out 3 times.

Thank you!

Presenter: Vivien Schapera
Photographer: Neil Schapera
Resources: The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020) and
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