Crystal Healing Techniques

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Crystal Healing Techniques

Crystal Healing Techniques are powerful.

All Crystal Energy is real because I say so.
See How Crystals Affect Us and more.
Taking Care of Crystals.
Crystal Healing for the Brain.
Crystal Consciousness is growing.
Working with Intention and Crystal.
Healing Crystal’s with the Energy Body.
Healing Crystal Energy Field explained.
Discover the World of Crystal Surgery.
This is 21st Century Crystal Healing apothekeschweizer.de.
Study with Vivien Schapera.
She is a Teacher, Healer and Author.
33+ Years of Experience
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Crystal Surgery
The Amazing 21st Century Method of Crystal Healing

Learn how to do Energy Healing and Psychic Surgery using crystal tools. Vivien Schapera, Teacher and Healer with over 33 years of experience, shares her expertise with you in these unique crystal healing courses.

Explore a wide range of topics, including: the healing powers of crystals; the chakras, energy field and energy body; and healing states of consciousness. Begin with the free Crystal Healing Foundation Course and free Crystal Surgery Basics Course. Then progress through beginner to advanced courses in Crystal Surgery.