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Attend our free public zoom calls to learn more about Crystal Surgery and our worldwide community. We are currently planning monthly zoom calls with presentations from our graduates, client reports and technical training from founder, Vivien Schapera.

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Here are samples of our Free Community Zoom calls:
How to Activate Your Healing Crystals

Can I Use Crystals for First Aid?

Study Group Sample Led by Interns

Presentation for Energy Healers and Crystal Healers on Zoom 06-17-2023

Presentation for Energy Healers and Crystal Healers on Zoom 08-05-2023


Why do we love Crystal Healing? Because we love the stones! In our community, we not only spend time healing with stones, we also spend time talking about the stones, we spend time learning from the stones and we even spend time talking to the stones. Do you also love stones? Then, definitely join our community.




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The textbook is finished, but we are still generating new techniques and procedures. Once these are “tried and tested” we make video demos and tutorials and publish them on our YouTube channel. This is the place where we provide a list of “what’s new” and provide the links to the videos for all Crystal Surgery students. Yet another reason to enjoy the easy access of Community Membership.


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Exploring the Textbook with a Partner

Length: 360 minutesComplexity: Hard

Exploring the Textbook with a Partner To access this FREE COURSE on the website, you need to be logged in, and have registered for this course 1. This course is […]

Video Tutorials

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

New Techniques and Procedures More New Crystal Healing Information: Correcting Bio Electricity with Black Tourmaline, Demo, ASMRNew Crystal Healing Information: Access the Healing Power of Sardonyx, Explanation, Demo, ASMR Stone […]

Here is the Minimum Crystal Surgery Kit 2023

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

The Minimum Crystal Surgery Kit 2023 Minimum Crystal Surgery 1 Kit What is a Minimum Kit? A “minimum” kit provides all the minerals needed for Crystal Surgery that cannot be […]