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Two Community Zoom Calls! Free!
How to Activate Your Healing Crystals

Please join our Crystal Healing Community free zoom sessions. In order to serve all time zones, we have scheduled 2 free zoom calls:

First Zoom Call: April 1* at 6pm – 7:30pm. EDT

Second Zoom Call: April 2* at 8am. – 9:30am. EDT

*Remember to adjust the date for your time zone! For example: April 1 at 6pm. EDT is April 2 in Australia!

Here’s what we will do in the class:

Intro: Explain Community Membership
We want to show you how to access ALL the courses that are included in your community membership – many of you who have purchased community membership are not engaging yet with the courses we have posted for you. This is your opportunity to learn how to find your way around the website and everything we have to offer you.

Class Topic: How to Activate Your Crystals
There are many ways to activate crystals. Our exploration will include the following:
Heat, pressure, layouts, grids, “switching on” a crystal, and the active point.

Q&A: Ask Vivien!
Got some Crystal Healing and Crystal Surgery questions? This is your chance to ask Vivien. 

How to join:
This call is open to everyone who wants to join. Request the link by contacting us here: We are thrilled to include anyone and everyone who wishes to attend, but please remember that zoom limits attendance —  everyone needs to request the link directly from us, so that we can keep track of numbers.


Free Courses on This Website
Crystal Healing Foundation Course
Crystal Surgery Basics
Textbook Exploration with a Partner

How to access courses on this website:
Step 1 is to register on the website.

Step 2 is to login to the website using the same email address and password

Step 3 is to register for each of the courses you want access to

Step 4 is to click on the “My Courses” tab

Step 5 is to choose a course you have registered for and want to view

To access the FREE COURSES on the website, you need to be logged in, and then:
1. These course are free, but you do have to register for each course to gain access.
2. You will be charged $0.00.
3. Then, to access the course you need to be logged in, using the same email address and password as you used to register for the course.
4. And, click on the “My Courses” tab to reach the links to the courses you have registered for.

Want more?

Community Membership


Gives you access to:

  1. PDF of Textbook (unlimited)

  2. Skill Videos (unlimited)

  3. Remote Healing Video Demos
  4. View the Crystal Surgery 1 Syllabus

  5. View the Crystal Surgery 2 Syllabus
  6. You can send us requests:
    a) For video demos for YT and blog topics
    b) To be a volunteer practice client for a study group member

Note 1: In Community Membership you provide your own practice partners and study in your own time. If you prefer a structured course with a teacher, mentors and other students, please consider the Bachelors Study Group.
Note 2: If you are purchasing the Bachelors Study Group, you do not need to buy this membership. Community Membership is included.

Question: Can I get Crystal Surgery Certification without doing the Bachelors Study Group?
Answer: Yes.
To gain certification in Crystal Surgery 1,2 & 3:
One Theory and one Practical Exam scheduled on request – $300.00
Projected Total Cost of Doing Bachelors Certification, studying completely on your own* = $350.00


*Note: to supplement studying on your own certain paid courses are recommended, including:
     How to Read Energy
     Crystal Surgery 1
     Crystal Surgery 2
     Crystal Surgery 3 (under construction)

Here are the recordings of the free Crystal Healing Community Zoom calls on April 1 and 2, 2022