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To The Spirit Podcast

To The Spirit Podcast: Vivien and Rebecca O’Donnell discuss Energy and Crystal Healing Beck talks with Vivien Schapera about healing. Vivien explains learning, practicing, and teaching the Alexander Technique and about Crystal surgery. Beck asks about her book, “How to Lose Weight and Gain Money”, how that seems to affect many of us, and […]

Crystal Healing Demo: Exploring the Properties of Different Crystals and Formations, Platonic Shapes

So now you’ve got a crystal collection — what can you do with all these beauties? This tutorial demonstrates Vivien’s procedure for exploring the answers to that very question! This demo was made in response to a student’s question regarding platonic shapes. This is what the student asked: “Platonic Shapes: I just ordered healers […]

Crystal Surgery for Alleviating Depression, Narrated with Commentary and Explanation

Using her set-up for remote healing, Vivien demonstrates the Anti-Depression Procedure, by doing it on herself. While doing this, Vivien maintains a running commentary, reading the step-by-step instructions from the book, explaining what she is doing and reporting her experience. Vivien’s academic training is in Clinical Psychology and she makes a point at the […]