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Setting Up the Remote Session

This is Number 2 in our remote healing demos, which accompanies the free Guided Exploration of the Textbook with a Partner. This clip shows how to make contact with your remote client, and begin the session. These are the steps: 1. Get everything ready. 2. Text the client, using phone service or WhatsApp (for […]

Crystal Surgery Session: Soothing the Soul

By request, here is an experiential crystal healing session with music track. Sit back, relax and see how different you feel afterwards! All techniques and procedures from The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery (2020) You can purchase this textbook at Presenter: Vivien Schapera Photographer: Neil Schapera Music from AudioJungle: Mahanamathero: It’s a Feeling […]

The Minimum Crystal Surgery Kit

What crystals do you need to begin practicing Crystal Surgery? This video lays out the elements of an essential kit. It is much better to establish what you need, and use what you have on hand, before going on a shopping expedition. Vivien explains the most basic needs, and gives some tips regarding substitution. […]