Free Courses

Crystal Healing Foundation Course
Let’s begin by building a foundation together. This course explains “my version” of the basic terms and concepts that you will need to know in order to learn the first round of crystal healing techniques.

Crystal Surgery Basics

In this free course, you can learn the basics of these Crystal Surgery skills:

A. Creating Crystal Circuits — 4 Lessons
B. Combing — 1 Lesson
C. Gridding — 3 Lessons
D. Crystal Energy Infusion — 4 Lessons

You can use any crystals to begin practicing your Crystal Surgery skills.

Exploring the Textbook with a Partner
You’ve purchased your book, and now what?
Want to practice the skills?
Want to explore the techniques?
Want to experience a session?
Want to learn how to do remote healing?
Want to meet new, like-minded people even during this pandemic?

We’ve devised this free 5-lesson, 6 – 8 week course to heighten your enjoyment and learn how to get the most out of your investment. We’ve also posted a new series of Remote Crystal Surgery Demos to support your learning.