December Schapera Show: Connecting to the Universe via Crystals and Shamanism

In the December Schapera Show, Vivien interviews Jean Tindle, who calls herself “your spiritual guide.” Jean teaches people how to connect to the universe via crystals and shamanism and you can read the interview here, and listen to the interview here.

After Jean’s interview, Neil gives his December Spirit Report, which asks the question: Is Life beautiful but sad or sad but beautiful? The spirits speak to Neil about sadness vs. joy and learning how to navigate our emotions. You can read the blog, and listen to Neil’s voice here.

In Vivien’s Crystal Message, Vivien gets some powerful information from Smokey Quartz. Read Smokey Quartz’s profound message about unconscious functioning here, and listen to Vivien giving voice to Smokey Quartz here.

Thank you for joining us on The Schapera Show!