Smokey Quartz – The Power Behind the Throne

Why is Smokey Quartz such a powerful healing crystal? Find out more about the healing properties of Smokey Quartz and how this crystal can heal us in Body, Mind and Spirit.

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Last time we spoke to Amethyst, and Amethyst said: “Call me the king of crystals.” Today, we’re talking to Smokey Quartz, and Smokey Quartz claims: “I am the power behind the throne.” I have to admit that I am more and more impressed with Smokey Quartz lately, but still this appeared to be another big claim that needs to be justified. Smokey Quartz cautioned me: “Be careful. You may not understand yet, be sure to ask the right questions.”

I’ve learned to listen (for the most part) so instead of forging ahead, I paused and asked: “What’s the right question then?”

Smokey Quartz obliged and said: “Ask me ‘what’s the throne?’” and obviously I responded with: “Ok then, what’s the throne?” to which Smokey Quartz responded: “The throne is consciousness. I am the power behind what comes into the conscious mind.”

For me, as a psychologist, that’s the most extraordinary answer I could have received. Our unconscious functioning dominates our existence. 

“Current scientific estimates are that some 95 percent of brain activity is unconscious, says Emma Young in New Scientist magazine. These include habits and patterns, automatic body function, creativity, emotions, personality, beliefs and values, cognitive biases, and long-term memory.” 


From this little exchange, I now understand why Smokey Quartz is the most powerful agent of change, why that change is slow – even gentle – but steady, why Smokey Quartz has such an amazing capacity to regulate our metabolism and cellular activities, and even why Smokey Quartz has such a protective energy. All these functions, and more, fall under the auspices of our unconscious minds.

I am also beginning to understand why Smokey Quartz, combined with other minerals, turns itself into a super-power. Now I’m thinking of some of my favorite treasures that I find particularly compelling:

  • Long ago, I acquired a Smokey Quartz point that has a Rose Quartz base, from Bob Jackson who was Melody’s significant other at the time. It speaks to transformation and transition and I have placed it on our family altar, with the photos of all our family members on both sides of the veil.
  • I have a Smokey Quartz with inclusions, including a manifestation on the inside, that presides over my desk, quiet and serene. Well, today its cover is blown! I have finally figured out what it is getting up to over there and why it refuses to let me move it. It is guarding my brain and filtering access so that I don’t get overwhelmed, but continue to download information at a steady and comfortable pace.
  • I have an Amethyst/Smokey Scepter from Zimbabwe that has felt “too strong to touch” and use on others. Today, I have cracked the code – only use it when people are ready to face their demons.
  • I have a whole collection of Citrines with Smokey Phantoms that I love passionately and that have taught me how to work with grief, anxiety and depression in both myself and others.

In Crystal Surgery, we use Smokey Quartz in a number of different ways and the preference is for a Smokey Quartz in an elestial formation. An elestial crystal is a crystal that has numerous terminations on the body of the crystal. Here is a very nice quote about Elestial crystals, and note that the majority of elestials are Smokey Quartz:

“Elestials have a very fine, high vibration which holds powerful yet gentle energy that removes blockages & fears. They are the keepers of the [all (sic)] doorways to all existences & open the way to change. They are very helpful companions, in times of emotional stress as they comfort, encourage & bring peace. This crystal can help you understand your Karma & give insight into your spiritual path. Psychic abilities are greatly enhanced along with one’s energy field & chi. Elestials show you the pathways of your intuition & how to increase it.”


Some of the ways that we use Smokey Quartz include:

  • Quieting the mind
  • Adjusting the Pranic Tube
  • Stimulating profound change

When I reflect on it, I realize that Smokey Quartz has been standing in the wings all along, directing operations through what can be described as “servant leadership” – a leader, a teacher, who invites forward movement by giving unseen support, strengthening the action of “right-thinking.”