Epidote – Stone of Personal Power

The healing properties of Epidote, a stone that benefits Body, Mind and Spirit.

Today I want to talk about Epidote. I’m wondering how many people are familiar with this stone, and I’m hoping that after today’s introduction all of you who don’t know Epidote will request a personal meeting.

Epidote is usually a dark green color, almost black, like licorice, and it comes in different formations. I’m particularly fond of the hexagonal crystals, but it can also look quite a lot like Tourmaline, especially when it exists as needles included in Quartz.

In Crystal Surgery, we use Epidote in a very specific manner to pull the cords of socialization and criticism, including self-criticism. If this were Epidote’s only use, that would certainly be enough for me, because observing how destructive and limiting our socialization and experiences of being criticized actually are, and how profoundly internalized our self-criticism becomes, I understand the significance of shifting this dynamic.

When I look up Epidote in Melody’s encyclopedia, Melody says: “Epidote dispels critical-ness, enhances keen perception, stimulates participation and interaction, and supplements personal power.

“Epidote has been used to assist one in augmenting in the material world — augmentation of one’s wealth and/or of one’s possessions, as well as increase in one’s friendships, loves, relationships, employments, etc.”

Phew, that’s really a lot, isn’t it! I wasn’t actually registering that list consciously, but what I have been noticing is that Epidote always makes things feel better, and now I can understand why — in a nutshell, it expands positive energies.

Recently, I have acquired several stones that have Epidote inclusions, and these beauties have lifted my work to another level. We can get to that in a moment, but first let’s look at a well-known stone that combines Epidote with Feldspar — and that is Unakite. Unakite is a combination of Green Epidote and Pink Feldspar and it is a phenomenally soothing mineral that Melody says: “helps us to experience the beauty of love through enlightenment.” Unakite has many properties, including that it helps with gentle release of blockages. Another property of Unakite is that it rebalances the emotional body in the direction of higher spirituality. This is very interesting to me, because when I needed small stones to place on top of my emotional chakra stone, Carnelian, I was guided to use Unakite. I didn’t know why, it’s just what I was guided to do at the time, and for me, it is always a very satisfying feeling when I find out “Why?”

As I was conversing with Epidote, it suggested to me that I ask one of the Crystal Surgery students to experiment with Epidote in our next video shoot, so that I can experience “what it feels like.” This seemed like an excellent idea, so that’s exactly what we did. I gave some of my Epidote-included tools to one of our advanced students, Val, and we did an investigation together. A lot happened! You can easily see that video by going to our YouTube channel called Crystal Surgery and Crystal Healing Techniques.

It is a rare event for me to get on the table and experience the techniques and procedures of Crystal Surgery for myself, and Epidote is pointing out that that is exactly an aspect of its impact – Epidote creates and advances opportunity.

I had observed that Epidote has the capacity to “pull something up in the energy field” but I was having trouble articulating the dynamic. This is one of the reasons that I wanted to experience it on the receiving end. I thought perhaps it would help me bridge the gap from sensation to words. When Val used my Epidote in Prehnite tower to grid my energy field, I clearly felt the stone reorganizing elements in my energy field, getting them to stand upright. It felt like stacks of files were lying one on top of the other, and that the Epidote in Prehnite was getting the files to stand upright, like on a shelf, where each file could be seen and identified. This speaks to availability – available to be seen, available to receive energy and availability to emit energy. In the energy field, this means that a bunch of receptors in the energy field were being organized in a way that allowed them to receive the healing energy, instead of lying at the bottom of a pile, unable to interact successfully with the environment.

What I particularly like about Epidote, is how gentle it is. There is an encouragement to be available, there is an invitation, there is an opportunity – but the choice, and the pace, is yours.

So, if you would like to generate some new opportunities in your life, and you want support in taking your next step, then I can recommend that you get yourself a piece of Epidote.

Thank you for joining us here on The Schapera Show, where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. Please join us here again, on the second Friday of the month, or tune in on demand.