Course 3: Use What You’ve Got

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Learn how to substitute crystals by using what you’ve got – how to think, ideas for substitutions and specific recommendations for substituting Course 1 & 2 tools.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to think to select substitutions
  • Ideas on what you can use for substitutions
  • Specific substitutions for the tools used in courses 1 & 2


Perhaps you can’t wait to try out these techniques!

Or, you want to try these techniques before buying the crystals.

Or, you have ordered your stones, but you are eager to experiment and practice before they arrive.

Or perhaps you are having trouble accessing these exact stones.

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to cook a recipe, only to discover that you don’t have one or two of the necessary ingredients. When cooking, once we understand the flavors, what combinations work well together, and what the overall taste of the dish should be, we can make some substitutions and adaptations. Perhaps we won’t achieve the exact, authentic balance but that doesn’t mean we can’t get something equally delicious and satisfying.

So it is with crystal healing – we won’t always have the exact tool on hand, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t create a beneficial experience, using substitutions.

The key with making substitutions, is to identify the role of the missing crystal, how that crystal fills the role and then create a facsimile. For example, if you don’t have a geode to use as a cleansing bowl, it is easy to make one with a few materials that you are guaranteed to have on hand.


Quartz Cluster for Sweeping the Energy Field

The quartz cluster has many points that act like the teeth of a comb, or the fibers of a broom. As you run the cluster over the energy field, the points “comb” through the energy, sweeping out the debris.

Bowl (Geode)

The crystal points in the geode transform the lower vibration energy that is being “cleaned” off the client into higher vibration energy. The geode has many crystalline points which create a high vibration vortex.

Laser Wand

A laser wand is an ideal tool for opening chakras because of the taper of the wand facilitating the desired tapering spiral in the chakra.

Faden Crystal

The faden quartz is a versatile crystal with many different roles and applications. The white line in the faden has a unique characteristic in the way that it connects us to the etheric realm, bringing the etheric and physical realms into a connection that facilitates many dynamics.

Chakra Stones

Except for avoiding stones that include poisonous substances like arsenic, any and every stone can contribute energy to a chakra layout. Chakra stones assist by infusing energy and also by stopping energy leaks.

Rose Salt and Halite

The rose salt has an ionizing action on the energy field. The halite, with its clear crystalline structure, radiates into the energy field, whereas the rose salt infuses the energy.

Rose Water

Rose water has a refreshing and clearing effect on the energy field. The fragrance is very comforting and rose is a particularly healing aroma.

Candle Quartz and Carnelian

Use any two favorite stones to substitute for candle quartz and carnelian. Both candle quartz and carnelian have some very unique properties in terms of the way they relate to the etheric realm, but all stones conduct energy from the etheric realm into the physical realm.