Course 2: Working on Self

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When I asked people for requests, the consensus was: “Techniques for working on myself, please!” I began by reviewing how I use crystals in my own life. From there, I went to the question: “What could be the most useful techniques to do for one’s self?” and got the answer

When I asked the people who have trained with me whether they had any particular requests, the consensus was: “Techniques for working on myself, please!” That posed quite a problem for me, because Crystal Surgery, the original body of knowledge that I have developed, is not suited to doing on yourself for several major reasons.

These reasons can easily be understood by reflecting on why you can’t do regular surgery on yourself, and seeing how this applies to Crystal Surgery.

  1. Different state of consciousness for the recipient and the practitioner: In regular surgery, you go under anesthetic to receive surgery, whereas the surgeon needs to be awake and alert. In Crystal Surgery, the recipient generally goes into a slow delta wave, bordering on theta, whereas the Crystal Healer, needs to be moving between alpha and beta brain waves.
  2. Impossible to reach and to distance correctly:  The awkwardness of using tools to work on your own root and crown chakras highlight the difficulties in this category. Additionally, for some techniques it is important to step away, and get sufficient distance from yourself to do the techniques even to an adequate standard.
  3. Where to pay attention to track what is going on and whether the technique is working correctly: In regular surgery, the surgeon must be able to see exactly what’s happening and track the vital signs. When doing Crystal Surgery, one uses one’s kinesthetic sense to ascertain whether the tools are making the correct connection. One is looking to receive feedback via the tools. When receiving crystal work, one is also using the kinesthetic sense to track what is going on, and the feedback loop is formed inside the body. Consequently, if working on one’s self, there are 2 competing feedback mechanisms in play. It is almost impossible to distinguish which kinesthetic information pertains to which feedback loop, and to sustain focus on the correct feedback loop.

Consequently, this particular style of crystal healing is not really suited to working one one’s self. However, the request was consistent, and I decided to put on my problem solving hat and figure something out.

I began by reviewing how I use crystals in my own life, and the other styles of crystal healing that I am familiar with.  The most obvious techniques we can do for ourselves are ‘laying on of stones,’ beginning with a ‘chakra layout,’ and other well- known methods of incorporating crystal energy into our lives, like wearing crystals and putting them in our pockets. Since the people requesting techniques for self are already familiar with these well-known ways, it didn’t seem to me that this could be the content they were after.

I then examined the new crystal healing techniques that have been developed according to the Crystal Surgery methods, but fall more into the category of “healing technique” than the category of “surgical technique.” From there, I went to the question: “What could be the most useful techniques to do for one’s self?” and got the answer: “Same as what we do most regularly for other people.”

Hmmm, that was a hard one! For starters, I just couldn’t imagine how we were going to open our own chakras (especially the root chakra!) and sweep our own energy fields.  I know how to do these as meditative procedures with mind and intention, but the point is to engage the crystal tools to enhance the process and access an energy that is from outside of ourselves even whilst working on ourselves.

Instead of trying to puzzle through the conundrums on my own, I decided to ask the crystals. I hope you will be as satisfied as the test group and I are, with the results!

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Sweep Your Own Energy Field

Length: 0 minutes

To clear your own energy field of the “debris” that collects on it when exposed to others and normal daily activities.

“Open” Your Own Chakras

Length: 0 minutes

To open your own chakras so that you feel centered and focused. The most important intention is to bring the chakras into harmony with each other, helping them to revolve at the same speed, size and shape, around their ideal central points.

De-Cord Yourself

Length: 0 minutes

To clear the cords that could be interfering with functioning.

Chakra Layout for You

Length: 0 minutes

To energize the self by energizing the energy system. This is calming as well as increasing energy. Laying on chakra stones induces a smooth, organized flow of energy.

Cleanse and Refresh for You

Length: 0 minutes

To cleanse and refresh both the physical body and the energy system. This technique helps us feel lighter, clearer, balanced and rejuvenated. It is gentle, yet powerful too.