3 Hour Study Group



We have scheduled a 3-hour FourWinds Academy study group for Saturday Nov. 23 from 10:00am – 1pm. This is the same weekend as the Victory of Light Psychic Festival in Cincinnati, and I do realize that some of you will have commitments in that regard. For those who don’t, and come from out of town, it is a good weekend to come to Cincinnati for a short class and still have the trip be worthwhile.

In the study group we will focus on practicing with each other. There will be instruction and discussion time as well. The format will lend itself to answering your questions. In the instruction time, I will share some of the insights I have gained through writing the book.

Tuition: $75

Please let me know if you plan to attend. Neil and I leave for SA on Wednesday October 23, and if you email us while we are away, there is a about a 24-hour time lag before we can respond due to various factors.




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