Crystal Healing Tutorial: Opening Chakras, From Beginner to Mastery

The first skill to learn in both Energy Healing and Crystal Healing is how to open chakras, and as we progress we discover that “opening” chakras has many layers of refinement, including never-ending insights into what this kind of chakra adjustment actually entails.
In this tutorial, Vivien spends time explaining to Jamie what to watch out for when teaching beginners, and what to focus on correcting for establishing a strong foundation of learning in the topic.
After explaining the common errors, Vivien and Jamie go on to look at adjusting chakras with different materials such as a sphere and with Aqua Aura.
In response to Linda’s question, they also touch on whether clients can lie on their front and side when having their chakras adjusted.

About the Presenters: Vivien established FourWinds Academy for the Healing Arts & Sciences, a school for training healers, in 1998. Jamie is an assistant teacher at FourWinds Academy and Linda was the valedictorian of her class when she did the first Healer Certification Program in 2011.