FREE Crystal Healing Summit 2022 -
A Sacred Journey into the World of Crystals

A 7-day FREE virtual discovery and connection summit
October 23rd – 30th, 2022

Each day of the Summit, you will learn from different guest speakers who will give a presentation in their area of expertise.

Guests and Topics:
  • Saralee Hofrichter – Welcome and Guest Introductions
  • Hibiscus Moon  – Video Interview with Saralee Hofrichter
  • Nicholas Pearson – Being an Ethical Crystal Consumer
  • Dawn Silver – Cosmic Origins of Crystal Healing
  • Vivien Schapera – An introduction to Crystal Surgery
  • Kyle Russell – Using Crystals for Healing (incl. across Space & Time)
  • Jeralyn Glass – Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls and the Endocrine System

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Whether you are a longtime crystal lover or new and curious, you are invited to join in this exciting and soulful experience.

  • Deepen your relationship with crystals
  • Expand your crystal knowledge
  • Gain new crystal allies
  • Access deeper levels of consciousness
  • Connect with nature
  • Support you on your healing journey
  • And perhaps be transformed along the way!
    To register for this very special FREE event click here

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