Course 4: Anti-Inflammatory Crystal Healing Technique

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Hello and welcome to our new Anti-Inflammatory Crystal Healing Technique.

This course consists of 13 sections, with detailed text and photos and supported by 50 videos.

A sampling of the videos can be found in our Blog section here.

Whether you are seeking to help yourself, or seeking to help others, you will find significant, state of the art information here. This is my original work. You will not be able to find anything like it anywhere else.

Although I have researched and developed this technique specifically to address chronic inflammation, a serious and pervasive dynamic of many of our modern-day health issues, you can also use this technique in cases of acute inflammation.

This is a comprehensive course, equivalent to a 3-Day Weekend Workshop. I have been teaching for 35 years now, and I have been careful to present the material to honor the way in which people learn most successfully – focusing on one learning objective at a time. To avoid overwhelming you with too many details at once, the information is distributed into different sections. When you have familiarized yourself with what content is in each section, you can follow the sequence that makes most sense to your personal learning style.

Best of all, you can review the material and watch the video demonstrations as many times as you want. You can also create a printed manual by downloading the step-by-step directions.

And remember, if you have any questions … I am only an email away. My teacher’s heart is always
glad to help you.


Anti-Inflammatory Introduction and Overview

Our course begins with a video demo that gives an overview of the whole anti-inflammatory procedure, including set-up. This demo creates a framework to enhance your learning experience.

A. Set-Up

In Set-Up, I demonstrate how to clear the Energy Field, Open the Chakras, Infuse Energy and Grid the Root Chakra. Although you may have already learned these skills in Course 1, in this course I provide video demonstrations of each of these steps.

B. The Anti-Inflammatory Procedure

To combat inflammation, we infuse healing energy into both the physical body and the energy field. Altogether there are 10 steps. We infuse crystal healing properties into the immune system, the internal organs and the nervous system, as well as the specific area of inflammation. I demonstrate every step in its own video clip. Each video demo also has detailed accompanying text, carefully laid out in step-by-step directions.

C a. The Crystal Tools Explained

In a series of conversational videos, I explain the shape and formation of the tools to Carol and Peg. It is important to watch this section before purchasing crystals to ensure you make informed choices.

C b. Use What You’ve Got: How to Substitute

If for any reason you cannot access the crystal tools as listed, in these video demonstrations, I show you how you can substitute with less expensive and more easily available tools, like tumbled stones.

D. Adaptations

I explain how to adapt the procedure in 3 ways:

a. Adapting the Anti-Inflammatory Procedure to Work on Yourself
b. Adapting the Anti-Inflammatory Procedure to Work on a Remote Client
c. For Licensed Massage Therapists

E. Understanding Inflammation

In this section I share the information about inflammation that helped me develop this healing technique. We look at: The energy dynamics of inflammation; the liver’s role in inflammation; stress and inflammation; other natural supportive techniques for inflammation and which kinds of inflammation this technique can help.

F. Bonus Technique: Relaxing the Vagus Nerve

As the name suggests, this is a bonus crystal healing technique that emerged during the development of the Anti-Inflammatory procedure. I have extracted the steps that specifically address the nervous system so that you can use them in any healing session, when you want to help a client shift from stressed to relaxed.

G: About the Crystals

In this section I explain how I came to select the specific crystal tools for the Anti-Inflammatory procedure and specify which healing properties of the crystals are pertinent to addressing inflammation. I also explain how the different shapes radiate energy, how the shapes work together, and how to compensate if you are substituting.

H. Anti Inflammatory Stones for Sale

For your convenience, all the crystal tools used in this procedure are available for purchase on this web site. We have especially ordered tools from Russia, Finland, India and Brazil to make up these kits for you.

I. Downloadable PDF

You can create your own manual by printing this PDF and putting the notes in a binder. These notes are designed so that you can practice the procedure by following the notes.

J. Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I answer questions, such as: “How soon can one expect to feel benefit from this Anti-Inflammatory Procedure?” I have drawn from the questions that my clients have frequently asked. I look forward to adding your questions to this section.

K. More Reading

Here are links to interesting articles on Crystals and Inflammation