When Crystals Break

It is so sad when our hardest working and most beloved crystals break, especially when it seems sudden, and for no reason at all.

This week I received a text from Katherine, one of our Crystal Healing Techniques instructors in which she asked the following question:

One of my students has had 2 wands break recently. They broke when lying on a cloth – they were not dropped. She had been working with clients who were going through a lot. Any suggestions for these or the other crystals in her space?






Crystal Fatigue!

To tell the truth, it is exactly because we use these crystals so much that they do suddenly break seemingly for no reason at all. When we use crystals for healing, we are deliberately moving energy through the crystals and this energy movement is a load, or stress, on the crystals. Consequently, crystals can suffer the fatigue that is known as “metal fatigue” and break.

Here is a definition of metal fatigue, from the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Metal fatigue, weakened condition induced in metal parts of machines, vehicles, or structures by repeated stresses or loadings, ultimately resulting in fracture under a stress much weaker than that necessary to cause fracture in a single application. From https://www.britannica.com/science/metal-fatigue

Is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening? The answer is:

  • Yes, we can learn to modulate the amount of energy moving through the crystals to avoid overload.
  • Yes, we can take care to recharge our crystals regularly

How Can We Modulate the Energy Moving through the Crystal Tool?

There are 2 forces which determine how much, and at what speed, the energy is moving through the crystal. The first force is the intention, and skill, of the practitioner. The second force is determined by the client. You will notice that Katherine’s report says: “She had been working with clients who were going through a lot” This is a very important clue. When a client is in need of a crystal’s healing energy, her system will create a vortex which sucks the energy in, pulling the energy through the crystal more rapidly.

Crystal Healers regularly experience this phenomenon when working with crystals – as a very strong electromagnetic force in which we can clearly feel the crystals being pulled and even “sucked.” Even I must admit that I still find this electromagnetic sensation both magical and addictive.

However, we do need to remember that it is possible to overload the crystal and overdose the client! As you’re working, remember to keep checking by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Is this the right distance from the physical body?
  2. Is this enough?
  3. Should I change to another crystal?
  4. Should I be using a second crystal to assist in getting the effect that I want?
  5. Should I put a(nother) stone on the physical body to support what I’m doing?

And: Always remember the paradox that sometimes Less is More!

Can We Mend a Broken Crystal?

Yes, absolutely – you can use glue to stick the broken crystal back together again, and it will not mind at all. (You however, may mind quite a lot)

BUT: Remember that a crystal that broke due to fatigue, does need to be cleansed and recharged.

Recharging Our Crystals

Although members of the mineral kingdom are not alive in the same way as members of the animal kingdom, they still have the kinds of needs and characteristics that we associate with “being alive.” Crystals can be dormant, and they can awaken. Crystals can be “flashy” and “show off” and they can be “reticent” and “mysterious.” They can be “dominant” and “bossy” and they can be “sweet” and “supportive.”

Working crystals like to be visible, placed where they can be seen, but also where they can experience (and monitor) the prevailing energies in the environment. A working crystal needs to have its own “bed” – placed and kept in the same spot. This is where it will be safe, and literally where it will feel at home. When working crystals are all kept together on a shelf, for example, they generate a group force field around them, which not only affects the environment for the benefit of everyone, but also recharges the crystals themselves.

Finally, it is OK, and even recommended to talk to our crystals. I remember watching Twin Peaks when I still lived in South Africa, and thinking that the woman who talked to her log was very strange. Now, I have to laugh at myself, because I talk to crystals!

I asked the broken crystals in Katherine’s report what they wanted me to share with you, and this is what they said:

Please remind our readers that broken crystals are attempting to communicate. By breaking, we gain your attention in a different way. In this particular instance, we are trying to convey to our earthkeeper that she is fatigued and unsettled. We need a stable home, and so does she! We want her to take better care of herself. She needs to take time off more regularly, and she needs a vacation. She is doing great work with her clients, but needs to pay some attention to herself as well, especially in processing grief.”

I think the broken crystals could be trying to communicate a message about self sacrifice and self care!

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