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Tatiana Flow Interview

Vivien: Hello and welcome to The Schapera Show, where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. Our guest today is a woman who understands how to close the gap between the spiritual and material dynamics of our society. I would like to introduce you all to Tatiana Flow. Tatiana, thank you for coming on the show.

Tatiana: Thank you, Vivien, I am glad to be here, thank you for the opportunity.

Vivien: So, Tatiana, you are a Spiritual Mentor, a Kundalini Energy Facilitator and an entrepreneur, and you have written a book called Elegantly Simple – is this correct?

Tatiana: Yes! That’s exactly correct.

Vivien: And Tatiana, can you tell us more about yourself – about your background?

Tatiana: All my life I knew there’s something beyond the material realm we see. And since I was a child, I explored the topics of spirituality, philosophy, religions, mysticism, etc. Then I realized that I don’t understand how to apply it to material life at the time and just went into exploring psychology, positive thinking and applying it to create my own life.

I grew up in a small Russian town, poor family. Step by step I built my life to become financially abundant, building the American dream life just within 3 years after moving to the US. I had my career in finance (working with Wall Street professionals), in luxury real estate in New York, and was building my educational startup all at once.

At some point on my path, I realized that I was building an American dream life that somebody else defines as success.

I chose to change it to my Authentic dream life and following my true path of being a spiritual mentor, helping people to connect to their true nature as Creators of their lives.

Vivien: Hmm, from finances to spirituality – that’s quite a range. These are not topics that usually go hand-in-hand. So many cultures seem to expect spiritual people to lead a simple, sparse life – even take a vow of poverty. And for sure, generally-speaking, people seem very critical of spiritual people who aspire to being wealthy and enjoy abundance. How did you make the leap?

Tatiana: All my life I have been drawn to philosophical and mystical topics, but I was blocking myself on going there and start talking about it openly like I do now, as I thought people would think I’m crazy. Finances, on the other hand, felt like something down to earth.

At some point, I could no longer deny my nature though. I was called to do Ayahuasca and then in one month after that, I experienced Kundalini awakening spontaneously, without knowing that much about Kundalini energy at the time – I explored and realized what exactly happened to me later. These were very powerful experiences, after which my life has changed.

Along the way, I separated from my husband and moved from New York to Miami. I stopped worrying about what other people think; I shook off the doubts and blockages.

Then, almost three years ago, I realized I must share the knowledge that I had accumulated. When you have so much knowledge, understanding on how Energy and Creation works and don’t share it, it becomes destructive.

Vivien: That’s a very interesting comment: “When you have so much knowledge and you don’t share it, it becomes destructive.” Can you explain more?

Tatiana: Yes! As you learn, you collect so much energy, and if you don’t share the energy, it becomes stagnant; it burdens you; and it drains you.

When you start sharing with others (I do it now through my work, my sessions, podcasts like that), the energy is moving, exchange of energy is happening, and even more energy and expansion comes your way.

It’s important to share, especially once you remember the Truth about Creation.

We each do this sharing via our own unique blueprints. For me, this means that I combine many different modalities to lead clients through the deepest transformations in their lives – psychology, NLP, hypnosis, energy work all combined in one deep transformative session.

Vivien: I notice that in your materials you talk about “the art of embodiment”. What does this mean?

Tatiana: I believe that our body speaks to us all the time. As kids we are very connected to our bodies, we smile if we want to smile, we cry if we want to cry. Social norms and cultural paradigms put us in boxes: “boys don’t cry;” “don’t laugh so loud in public.” We are taught to stop our emotions.

Little by little this disconnects us from ourselves. All emotions are channeled through the body, so when they aren’t expressed, they get stuck in our bodies and that’s how we get even more disconnected from ourselves up to the point of physical diseases.

Many people are trying to escape pain, looking for joy only. We need to remember that pain is a natural part of life. Suffering, on the other hand, is optional.

For example, when you lose your loved one, pain is natural (like pain from cutting your finger with a knife is natural). But creating mind program around that pain such as “I’ll never be happy without him” is creating suffering for yourself.

Accepting pain as a part of life, just living through it naturally, without creating stories and mind programs around it, is living life fully. We are here to feel the whole spectrum of emotions (“e-motion” – energy in motion).

Living through emotions consciously creates a different quality of life. When you don’t blame anyone in what you feel, but ask yourself a question instead: “Why is it happening FOR me? How can I evolve through that experience and connect back to my true self thanks to that experience?”

Vivien: Thank you, Tatiana, that’s a very helpful explanation because it is understandable. So now can you tell us: How did you apply spirituality and psychology to achieve financial abundance?

Tatiana: We are spiritual beings living in the material realm.

An imbalance can happen. Some people deny spirituality and only focus on the material. When people do this, they run into a feeling of not being fulfilled even when they are successful from the outside point of view.

Another side is that people who are very spiritual can deny material things, and together with that deny their body and material abundance. This can cause issues with money, health, etc..

On a subtle plane, there isn’t really a split between spirituality and the material world. It is all ONE. Everything is ONE. When you realize that and you live that Truth, then you can tap into this infinite abundance that the universe offers and bring it into your material life by consciously choosing your thoughts and actions.

And you can create anything you truly desire through that, including financial abundance.

Vivien: Tatiana, I can really resonate with what you are saying! Back in 2003 – so 20 years ago – I wrote a book with a friend, Drew Logan, and the book is called How to Lose Weight and Gain Money. From my background in Psychology, and from my work as an Alexander Teacher and Healer, I came to have two insights:

The first was that we have interacting patterns regarding money and weight that are either similar in manifestation or they are compensating for each other.

For example, I had one client who was seriously obese and had had gastric bypass – and she dealt with her money in the exact same way – her salary was sent to her accountant to handle her bills, bypassing herself. That indicates similar weight and money patterns.

In terms of the compensatory pattern, a friend of mine had done very well at law school, in fact he was the class valedictorian at a most prestigious university. Instead of using his law degree to earn a lot of money, and live a life of luxury, he went into legal aid and lived modestly. But to compensate for his self-denial in terms of money, he ate indulgently and gained a lot of weight.

So, that was the first insight – that we have interacting consumption patterns regarding weight/eating and money.

The second insight was that these two issues – weight and money – are confined to the material world. The moment we die, both become moot. Yet, these two issues are the twin pillars of our existence here. We absolutely cannot avoid either one – we must eat, and we must earn money to live. And it is precisely via how we handle these two issues that we rediscover our spiritual selves, albeit in human form.

When I saw your topic, Tatiana, I was really pleased. I know you won’t be surprised when I tell you that some people actually attacked me (verbally) for writing about money, and said it proved that that’s all I’m interested in!!! And if all I’m interested in is money, then I can’t be any good at what I do, I’m not authentic and I’m not spiritual.

Fortunately, I’d already climbed that mountain. In my fields of interest, there is a badge of honor that is like the starving artist syndrome. I had no interest in “starving for my art.” On the contrary, I aimed to be a professional earning a professional’s salary and all that meant was that I got to work successfully with lots and lots and lots of people!

So, Tatiana, having said all that, I have to ask you, what do you think: Are there steps to manifestation work and what are they?

Tatiana: Manifestations work as a concentration of your focus and energy on the desired result.

Why does it work for some, and doesn’t for others though?

  1. First of all, you need to ask yourself if are you manifesting what you truly desire? Everyone is different. For example, not everyone needs billions of dollars, some like to live in the jungle, and it’s ok.

  2. It’s important to remember that you attract not what you want, but who you are regarding your state of being and its frequency.

If you live in the apartment now and want a house – start feeling internally like you already live in the house of your dreams, and from that state solutions on how to get there will come your way. You just need to be open to see these opportunities and take them with gratitude and faith. It’s the frequency of abundance – and that is what materializes.

If your state while manifesting is: “I hate my apartment, I want the house. Why don’t I have it now?” – it’s the frequency of scarcity. It’s important to being grateful for what you have now to get even more.

  1. Challenges on the way to your goals are natural. It’s the game we chose to play here, otherwise there would be no evolution, it would be boring. You might see challenges as bad things and the reason to give up. Or you can see all challenges as an opportunity to evolve and face them with gratitude and faith on the path towards your dreams.

  2. Fears and doubts on the way are natural too. But if you give them too much focus, energy and power, they might freeze you and stop you from moving towards your desires. Always choose love and expansion over fears and doubts.

  3. Releasing expectations. The future is an illusion (as well as the past). Only the moment of NOW is real. Future goals are important as that is the direction you focus your energy towards and evolve through that. However, the true value is created in the process towards your goals. Having goals as your intention but being ready to let go and receive with gratitude whatever comes your way is a skill. When you sharpen that skill, you might receive so much more than you expect, beyond what your linear mind has pictured.

  4. Taking a leap of faith. Nothing is guaranteed. But if you don’t move towards your true self and your true desires, are you really living then? Or just surviving day to day?

Vivien: Do you have an example of taking a leap of faith and receiving more than expecting in return, Tatiana?

Tatiana: Yes … myself! Almost three years ago, I jumped – I gave up my business, my marriage, my 5-bedroom home, and I took a leap of faith in myself, jumping into the complete unknown.

I wanted to find my true authentic self – and I did. I have never been happier, feeling freer and more abundant than now. And it’s an infinite process of expansion and liberation I am so excited to live and experience.

Vivien: It’s all easier said than done though, because there are dynamics that can block us. For example, how does trauma prevent us from living a life of abundance?

Tatiana: Trauma is a collection of mind programs that we repeat in our lives. For example: You are in a relationship with a man, and because your previous partner cheated on you, in your mind you might create a story: “All men are cheaters” – and so this is what you attract through your limiting belief and behavior patterns around it.

The truth is – some men cheat and some men are faithful. You need to open yourself o see that both are possible. By seeing the alternate possibilities and rewriting your patterns and mind programs, you can attract a different scenario in your life.

In this way, we create our realities through our beliefs and our thoughts. And even deeper than that – through our energetic state of being, and a conscious choice to keep it abundant. Then the possibilities are endless.

Vivien: Wow, Tatiana, that’s also a clear articulation that is empowering. When we believe something that is only half the reality is the full story, this denies us the possibility of encountering “the other half” of reality. Thank you! I think this is a good moment to ask you to share with everyone how to get hold of you and your book.

Tatiana: Yes, Elegantly Simple is available at Amazon on Kindle and on my website I am also on Instagram @TATIANA_FLOW

Vivien: Thank you, Tatiana!

Everyone, we are speaking to Tatiana Flow, author of Elegantly Simple, available at Amazon, and on her website We will continue talking about the the Oneness of Spirituality and Money when we return after the break. Please join us.

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Vivien: Welcome back Everybody, to The Schapera Show, exploring this big adventure called Life. Our guest today is Tatiana Flow, who now teaches others how to close the gap between Spiritual and Material realms to enjoy the Oneness of all that is.

Tatiana, what do you mean by “merging Spiritual and Material realms in One?”

Tatiana: On the subtle plane, everything is One. Universe, Source, Absolut, God, Consciousness – whatever you call it. There’s no duality, no good or bad, there just is. Any separation leads to suffering, as it creates limitations around the experiences.

When you separate material from spiritual you suffer. When you see it all as One, you see beauty in everything. You exclude suffering from life, and experience gratitude and happiness instead, regardless of what happens. Even our “traumatic” experiences are there FOR us to experience life and evolve, and it’s happening so that we can align with our true nature again and again.

Vivien: Can you give an example?

Tatiana: In my own life I had a “savior” mind program, where I tried to fix the man I was dating. Tried to coach him to see things my way. This wasn’t healthy. It isn’t about coaching your life partner to the potential that you see. It’s about seeing that everyone is perfect just the way they are. And if your values /vision/energy don’t match with your partner’s, then that is not the person for you. It’s that simple.

The key is knowing yourself very well, so you can find the compatible with you partner. No need to fix anyone, focus on yourself and your internal shifts towards desired results – and from there you can create what you internally are in the external material life.

Vivien: Tatiana, do you mind if I ask you: What does “rich” mean to you?

Tatiana: Rich, first of all, means rich in your values, in your internal world. And when you are rich inside, this manifests into your external world – health, wealth and relationships with other people.

Vivien: And what do you think are the key differences between rich people and poor people?


As a person who grew up poor and reached the wealthiest layer on the planet, I can say with confidence, the main difference is mindset. To go from one financial layer to the other for me required many internal shifts. Creating new beliefs around money and lifestyle I want to live, expanding my vision, and then expanding my external reality through that.

Vivien: How long did it take?

Tatiana: It is a progression throughout my life, with ups and downs that are natural. For example, from the time I moved to the US it took about 3 years to build an American dream with marriage, 5-bedroom mansion, cars, businesses, etc.

Now it’s a new round of evolution for me. I live a very comfortable life having apartments and cars in my favorite locations in the world, Miami and South of France. At the same time knowing that my private jet is just around the corner 😊 .

Vivien: With investing in stocks and bonds there are rules of thumb (like “buy low, sell high”) – what are “the rules” for investing in yourself?

Tatiana: Investing in yourself means investing in your education, travels, health, body, mind, spirit. Money is just energy that helps you to invest into all that truly matters.

Investing in your own expansion pays back exponentially energy wise (including money as energy, if that is a part of your focus).

Vivien: What about people? Should we invest in our relationships?

Tatiana: By investing in healthy relationship with yourself, you automatically invest in healthy relationships with others.

Relationship with yourself is the longest and most important relationship in your life. Your parents / kids/ life partner(s) come and go in different periods of life. You are with yourself from the very beginning to the very end of this lifetime.

Vivien: Tatiana, what kind of people do you work with?

Tatiana: The people who are attracted to work with me are those who are ready to remember their true nature of the Creator, and experience Oneness.

I especially enjoy working with people who are already helping others – energy healers, life coaches. This renders a butterfly effect. I teach others to work with Energy. And then seeing them bringing that Gift to help even more people brings me an incredible fulfillment and joy.

Vivien: Thank you, Tatiana. Do you have some parting words for us?

Tatiana: I wish everyone to remember their TRUE nature and Oneness with the whole creation When we are ONE with the universe, everything is within our reach.

Rumi once said: “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop.”

Vivien: Tatiana, let’s go over your book and contact details again.

Tatiana: Yes, Elegantly Simple is available at Amazon on Kindle and on my website I am also on Instagram @TATIANA_FLOW

Vivien: Let’s say a big thank you to Tatiana Flow for coming on The Schapera Show and sharing her knowledge and insights with us. We’re going to take a break now, and when we come back, Neil will be sharing his report from the Spirit Realm.