Vivien Interviews Katherine Keeping – Healer, Teacher and Speaker

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Vivien: Hello and welcome to the Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. Our guest today is a colleague – Katherine Keeping – and Katherine is a Healer, Teacher and Speaker.

Hello Katherine, thank you for joining us on The Schapera Show.

Katherine: Hello Vivien, thank you for having me.

Vivien: Katherine, please can you tell us a little about yourself?

Katherine: Yes, thank you! I have been working for 15 years as a Complementary Healing Practitioner, including as a Recognized Practitioner of Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Master of Crystology in Melody Crystal Healing, and Crystal Surgery and Crystal Healing Techniques Practitioner.

Vivien: That’s a nice list. You know Katherine, I’ve discovered that us Healers actually have very varied backgrounds. What did you do before you became a Healer?

Katherine: First in Canadian forces in the navy for 5 years, 1988 – 1993, was a navy signalman, classified info being communicated

Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia in theater, BA Theater

Worked as stage manager in Canada, USA and tour of Japan 1998 – 2010 for 12 years

Vivien: So that doesn’t sound anything like Healing, how did you get interested in your new career?

Katherine: My first cat, Rascal, became ill and the veterinarian was unable to help him. So, with the help of my family, I attended my first energy work class (Healing Touch). With the first practical exercise I learned that how I had seen the world clairvoyantly my whole life was different from everyone around me.

Vivien: Hmmm, you see the world differently … let’s come back to that. Let’s first talk about where you are in the world. Katherine, you are in Canada, right?

Katherine: Yes, I am

Vivien: Which part of Canada?

Katherine: Northwestern Ontario, closest town Thunder Bay, city Winnipeg, Manitouba

From Thunder Bay to Winnipeg 8 hours, Thunder Bay to Toronto 20 hours

Vivien: Thunder Bay? don’t we get great crystals from there?

Katherine: Yes, we’re best known for TB ame, rich in Hematite less known but more expensive Auralite 23 also known as Goddessite. Interesting time – number of mines that are opening up with new minerals. We’re excited to find out what they’re finding next.

Vivien: In Canada, do you get recognition for your work?

Katherine: Yes, I get recognized for my work, more so as I leave my city. Got a grant from Paro Center for Women’s Enterprises to present at the Vancouver Health & Wellness Show, where I was a featured speaker. One of the organizers, Virginia, is going to find me teaching opportunities for Crystal Surgery in the upcoming year – this just happened, it’s very exciting.

Indigenous People recognition? Topic to dance around. I work with a number of indigenous healers, part of drumming group, have done crystal gridding on behalf of groups healing the land. Missing murdered indigenous women and graves of young children, but because I’m not indigenous have to be cautious, to be respectful to all the 100’s of diverse tribes across Canada.

This October learned from Anishinabe elder who taught me about his work in the sweat lodge and the 7 Grandfather Teachings and about the grandfather stones and how they are worked with, working with the directions including above and below. How that was all about plus the birthing of drums. Feels like the beginning of the journey of learning with him and he gifted me with a Golden Eagle feather before he left.

Vivien: Are you allowed to have such a feather?

Katherine: I am allowed to be gifted a feather, not allowed to collect a feather. It has been interesting, when the feather wants to play a role in the CS work, it works completely differently from the fan that I have been using. The difference is: when I work with the fan I am kinesthetically and visually watching for and feeling the connection through the energy field. With the eagle feather it dances through the field, as it is clearing it is laying down lines of light in the energy field – the color of the light is a golden white light, like sunshine.

It’s also fascinating to me that the colors of the eagle feather match the colors of the crystal skull that you found me. The eagle feather connects with the eagle nebula, where all the representation of all 28 crystal skulls, carved with the library of knowledge of the universe. While I know how to astral travel there to get that info, I get a direct connection via the eagle feather and crystal skull to the libraries of the universe.

Vivien: Katherine, you also train people, don’t you?

Katherine: Yes, I teach a variety of classes in crystal healing, Reiki, Tea Leaf Reading, dowsing, and more. I currently offer in person classes at Thunder Bay’s largest yoga studio, The Bodymind Centre, as well as community based classes at 55+, Hospice Northwest, North McIntyre Rec Centre, and Evergreen a United Neighbourhood. Recently I lead in person Crystal and Candlelit Labyrinth ceremonies to raise money for Red Cross – Ukraine, where my grandparents immigrated from.

Vivien: Oh, do you still have relatives in Ukraine?


Vivien: And do you see people in your community responding to the war?


Vivien: Wow, this makes the war very real, when you actually know people who are affected in this way and participate in a community that is doing their best to help.

Talking of “doing your best to help,” Do you have any uplifting stories from your work?

Katherine: Yes, I began working with a young girl with multiple tics and seizures almost a year ago. The doctors could not land on either a diagnosis or a solution. Working within Crystal Surgery she was down to one tic remaining within 6 weeks. After seeing her every week at first, I now see her once every two months as maintenance. Her mother told me, “I got my daughter back.”

Vivien: You say “working with Crystal Surgery” – what do you mean? What did you actually do and what did you actually find energetically-speaking?

Katherine: When I began working with this young girl, any crystal that I had in her field, she responded to. Orange Calcite makes her giggle! Every time. Using stones directly on her, infusing her field, wands around her – had to look at distance and everything giggles, prickles – so sensitive to the crystal tools. I did something that felt like therapeutic touch. I responded to what presented in the field. No specific diagnosis. Had to narrow down, to find the exact cause. I investigated and responded to each thing – prickly – smoothed it. Neon in her brain – chemical imbalance – so I detoxed the brain using Shungite. Where tics came from anxiety, I used combinations of stones which then permanently addressed the tics. I just did one step at a time without an expectation. I wanted her to be able to play like a child again, and her mother said it had been years from then. I followed techniques and procedures and I didn’t anticipate how well it would work once I put the steps together systematically, and how it would impact her life.

Vivien: Katherine, what main point would you like to tell us?

Katherine: That crystals can be used for healing in every way your imagination leads you… structured modalities, grids for peace, Gratitude Gem Oils, Gratitude Gem Teas, potions, and Crystal Bra Bracelets are the ways I have been inspired so far. 

Vivien: Katherine, this seems like the perfect place to pause and let listeners know how they can find you.

Katherine: Yes, you can find me on Facebook, IG and of course the web!

Vivien: Thank you! We are speaking to Katherine Keeping, Healer, Teacher and Speaker who lives in Thunder Bay ON Canada. We are going to hear a whole lot more about gem oils, gem teas, potions and bra bracelets when we come back after the break, so please stay with us here on The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life.

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Vivien: Hello and welcome back to The Schapera Show, all positive spiritual talk radio. We are speaking to Katherine Keeping who is a Healer, Teacher and Speaker with some very interesting information to share with us. Let’s continue.

Vivien: So, Katherine, before the break you mentioned oils, teas and potions, as well as most intriguingly “Bra Bracelets.” Can you begin by telling us more about Gratitude Gem Oils?

Katherine: I began brewing Gratitude Gem Oils when my mother was ill. Most places that I brought her to for appointments had scent free policies. So I chose to brew and test unscented oils with the healing properties of crystals, minerals and gemstones. Ruby Oil is the most popular during Canada’s long winters. And I am currently in the testing process for Clearing Spray.

Vivien: And can you tell us more about Gratitude Gem Teas?

Katherine: Gratitude Gem Teas are co-created with a local business, International House of Tea. They combine two of the activities that bring me joy: crystal healing and tea leaf reading. Each tea contains a healing grade crystal that matches the frequency of the tea blend. My favourite is Rainbow Moonstone, a tea that starts off blue and transforms to magenta with lemon added… it contains butterfly pea (a flower), but no butterflies peed in it.

Vivien: What about potions?

Katherine: Potions are crafted as a part of Crystal Surgery. They are an alchemy of essential oil synergy, carrier oil, beeswax, crystal elixir, and magic! Each variety is life-changing in its own way.

Vivien: And now for the intriguing one: What are Crystal Bra Bracelets?

Katherine: Crystal Bra Bracelets are a co-creation with a local Indigenous artist, Aki Designs. During lockdowns a number of my clients were putting crystals in their bras, as their pajama pants and yoga pants did not have pockets. When they undressed at night the crystals would fall on the floor and crack. Crystal Bra Bracelets made it possible to wear your crystals around a bra strap and not break them at night. They are also being worn by nurses on masks, backpacks, purses, and even dog collars.

Vivien: Katherine, I wanted to come back to this comment, you said: “I learned that how I had seen the world clairvoyantly my whole life was different from everyone around me.” What was the difference?

Katherine: I notice kindness and joy in a person by how their auric field glows, and anger through their shadows. I speak with angels and spirits every day. And I have grown in my abilities to be able to see, hear, feel, know and smell details from beyond the veil. Being open to these intuitive gifts is the difference between a pop song and an opera in its richness of sound.

Vivien: And your story of coming to FourWinds Academy was kind of in line with experiencing the world differently, wasn’t it? Can you share that story for us?

Katherine: I had learned about crystals from everyone I could find locally, as well as Melody Crystal Healing in Winnipeg and Robert Simmons Crystal Healing in Vermont. I continued to ask how to use a crystal wand, and the only response I received was, “Yes, they are important tools. You should work with them.” I was craving the how.

As I searched online for this knowledge, whether I looked up Canadian Tire or the Post Office, Four Winds Academy came up as the first on the list. I booked a flight for the first date Crystal Surgery was offered, yearning to learn. I arrived in Blue Ash, straight from the airport, a few minutes late, and Neil very gently and kindly walked me through Basic Prep. That night I worked with a wand with knowledge of what I was doing for the first time in my life. The work changed the trajectory of my life.

Vivien: Katherine, from your current work with people, what do you think the universe is asking us to be aware of so that we can help ourselves from this moment into the future?

Katherine: In speaking with angels, dragons, animals, trees and crystals…they all speak of how everything and everyone is interconnected. If we act from this thought we can change our world.

Vivien: Can you give us some examples of “acting from this thought?”

I chose to make Rose Water this summer with petals I harvested from my garden, being mindful of leaving the sleeping bees resting … the flowers, bees and were connected. I brewed the rosewater and used in as a gentle clearing spray in Crystal Surgery sessions… my clients and crystals were connected. I offered some of the rose water to students in my Reiki Practice Group… my students and all of the frequencies of Reiki were connected… Each step in this path is another level of interconnectedness.

Vivien: Aah, yes! The principle upon which FourWinds Academy is founded – the principle that we are all one being. Wow, Katherine, thank you very much. I am very, very grateful that the spirits guided you to FourWinds Academy via the internet, and I’m very grateful that you are one of the leading new Crystal Surgery instructors on this planet. You are getting so much recognition and opportunity in Canada, and Neil and I wish you every success. Thank you for coming on the show!!! One more time, let’s tell people how they can get hold of you and the wonderful energetic tools that you make.

Katherine: Yes! Thank you for having me on the show. I can be found: on Facebook, IG and of course the web!