Vivien in Conversation with Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Weaver

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Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver

Vivien: Hello and welcome to The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. Today, we have two guests, a husband and wife team with something rather special to offer – they teach how to create lasting fulfillment in life, love and intimacy – and I will let them tell you more, rather than try to explain this myself. Welcome Elsbeth and Freddy, please will you introduce yourselves, one at a time and say what you do?

Elsbeth: Yes, thank you, Vivien. My name is Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and I am an intimacy and relationship coach and [hand the mic to Freddy]

Freddy: Yes, and I am Freddy Zental Weaver. We are co-founders of the TantraNova Institute, which we founded in 2001, and I am also a jazz singer and a motorcycle enthusiast.

Vivien: Aah, thank you, now I’m not sure which of these fabulous topics we should investigate further, but I think it is probably best to stick with our original intention, and explore your work at the TantraNova Institute.

Elsbeth: Yes, ha ha, that’s probably best, because we also want to talk about our books and courses. One book is entitled Sexual Enlightenment, How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love and Intimacy and the other is called The Social Sexual Power of Infinity Flow and we’re currently offering a free workshop for all our listeners entitled Ignite Your Relationship.

Vivien: And, Elsbeth and Freddy, I do also want to clarify for everyone listening that even though this interview is going to be about intimacy and relationships, this is NOT information that is only for people in relationships, but for everyone, including single people. Is that correct?

Elsbeth: Yes, that is exactly correct – after all, it can be precisely these intimacy issues that prevent people from finding their true match, and so this is most definitely for single people also.

Vivien: Thank you, Elsbeth. I’d like to ask you a question — how did you get started with the TantraNova Institute?

Elsbeth: We have had 23 years leading seminars and workshops together. In a very short time after we became a couple, we wanted to create something together. Before that, I was a management consultant. Once I met Freddy, and saw how keen he was too, we pooled our resources, and started the TantraNova Institute. Now we work with people all over the world, working with businesses, groups and individuals.

Vivien: Freddy, can you explain some more?

Freddy: Yes, our work is all about how we coordinate and communicate in relationship whether familial, couples or in business.

Vivien: And so that’s the personal growth field in general – how did you choose this specific aspect of personal growth?

Elsbeth: In realm of sexual intimacy, we don’t learn much when we are growing up. After 2 – 5 years then we don’t know what we did when we fell in love – and so we don’t know what to do.

I became committed to identifying practices for replicating intimacy and love – what can we draw on to strengthen and repair a relationship in the inevitable down cycle.

Listening – how do we listen to ourselves, never mind how we listen to others. We guide people into listening to themselves – how they feel in their bodies, in their hearts, their emotions – and how these interact. We need to first listen to ourselves better.

Right now, we work with a dental team. The dentist asked us to help after the work we did with him and his wife – there we don’t do sexual work, but same principles. I can listen to myself to make requests, or listen to the clients – stepping into the other team members shoes?

Also listening to the patients – what is best for their peace? For their wellness. Co-discovery is the process and for this listening is essential. Feeling heard, feeling respected.

Plus: what opens up out of this is co-creation – and co-creation is never predictable. When I explore with Freddy new possibilities arise beyond what we can speculate and envision on our own.

Shift that we want to effect is one person at a time, one couple at a time – we know that people are taking this with them and their energetic effect affects us. We trust that there is a ripple effect that grows and ripples out.

Vivien: Freddy, I’m wondering what you would like to add to that?

Freddy: This transformation work is working with the altered state of consciousness from sexual energy – endorphins etc. – breath awareness, energy awareness, intention – as a developed witness we are able to get more connected to

Tantra is a yoga of the energetic body, whereas Hatha Yoga is of the physical body.

We have an idea of something we haven’t experienced before – our imagination. Allows us to shift from what we are to what has eluded us.

Vivien: Elsbeth, what were you doing before and what triggered this interest for you personally?

Elsbeth: I was a management consultant in the 90’s and I was quite poor at intimate relationships, attracting unavailable men. I would end up without love in my life. I decided to delve deeply into meditation, and study Tantra as a discipline. Life-changing for me – I discovered that I held distrust toward men, but underneath something was lingering that could be discovered and then healed. And I wanted to share this with others.

As a result of my healing, 6 months later Freddy came into my life. I would not have recognized him as a partner if I had not cleared my pattern. We were meant to be together to create something beautiful that has an impact on the world.

Vivien: And you, Freddy?

Freddy: What initiated me into this awareness was my father. When I was 13 my father gave me a book to read about sexual meditation. Wanted to go into college on athletic scholarship but didn’t believe I could, but in the end that is what happened. Basketball. First 2 years 4th in the nation. After college, I didn’t play basketball, I went into software and then after I met Elsbeth I went from software to hardware – namely, people!

Vivien: Hmm, software to hardware – people – that’s funny! I see you have a sense of humor and like to come in at that angle.

Freddy: Yes, this is true. Laughter is actually very, very important. When we laugh, we release endorphins and serotonin, and those kinds of stress-reducing, feel-good hormones, and then we become more open and of course more relaxed.

This openness changes the dynamics in the same way as an open window or open door creates a different kind of flow of air and light in a room; and generates the kind of landscape in which our personal growth work is so much more effective.

Vivien: I couldn’t be more interested in what you’re saying, Freddy. I depend on my sense of humor to get me through so many difficult life experiences and even when I’m in the midst of really struggling with something, I encourage myself to see the funny side. But let’s not get too sidetracked, because I sure could talk about this for a long time. Let’s hear more about TantraNova.

Freddy: Yes, we’re working with the energetic aspects of Tantra, not the traditional method.

Tantric work affects the whole human being, so shifts show up from experiential and visceral dynamics.

Ultimately, each individual can do this for themselves – so we are guides to this – the right guidance at the right moment. We’re just sharing with people what they have forgotten – we were having “womb” service – everything was laid out.

Learning how to get something new, creative via sexual energy – it has its own intelligence and consciousness that is unrelated to sex.

Vivien: So, I think that I can understand this using my knowledge of Energy Healing as a frame of reference. Tell me if this is correct: Sexual energy and creative energy come from the same source, the second and root chakras. And if our sexual energy is tied up, even blocked, via socialization and other experiences, then our creative energies and more, also get tied up and blocked.

Freddy: Yes, that is a simple summation, essentially on track.

Vivien: So, that’s also why you don’t need to be in a relationship to benefit from TantraNova – because TantraNova is about freeing up all energy flow, coming in through the gate of sexuality, rather than about sexuality itself.

Freddy: Again, that sounds like a simplification, but yes, on track.

Vivien: And then, because these energies affect our capacity for intimacy, it is wise to address these issues even before we have a partner, because it is going to affect the kind of partner we will attract, and the kind of partner we will be comfortable with.

Freddy: I would agree with that, yes, and I think Elsbeth has some value to add to this particular theme.

Vivien: Yes, if this is about intimacy, then this is also about what we bring to a relationship. Elsbeth, can we hear more about that from you?

Elsbeth: Yes, this is how we can help single people. I started studying Tantra as a single person to uncover what was preventing me from bringing intimacy into my life. Don’t put the cart before the horse, use the practice to clear the way to bringing in the beloved, or become more connected with yourself or connect with the beloved within.

We have created our work so that it is easily accessible to singles. Awaken to Your Feminine Essence – so essential in our era where we have women’s liberation, but must still remember our feminine flow – not only for relationships, but also for the sake of humanity. I see the feminine essence is needed for healing our stuckness in the war/attack masculine energies. It is deep work for women to connect with their inner feminine selves – but this brings one to a greater “aliveness” – for both in the self and with a partner.

Vivien: And what about you, Freddy, what do you want to say about this?

Freddy: For men, there is so much power in learning to connect to the unconscious. Men are socialized for fighting and sex, and men are run by this. The first piece is to separate ejaculation from orgasm, and separating those shifts the consciousness –men experience a polarity flow and can then begin to access many more behaviors and a much bigger range of feelings.

In TantraNova, we learn how to circulate the orgasmic nectar –by transcending the unconsciousness of sexual behaviors. We also become intentional about what we want to create in our lives. We offer a 2-day workshop: practices and processes, bodywork, teach self-love exercises. Working with guys is different from co-ed. We go into this ritual, we use breathing, we do drumming.

Men learn how to open their hearts, and learn how to get past a “sadness” associated with the creation of what we desire.

Vivien: That really does sound profound. Thank you.

Freddy and Elsbeth, let’s go over how people can find out more about you, do your courses, purchase your books.

Elsbeth: Yes, our website is:

Our book is: available at

Sexual Enlightenment book in hard copy and audio on Amazon 

The Social Sexual Power of Infinity Flow in e-book

Plus, we have a FREE GIFT for the audience 

Ignite Your Relationship Workshop
How to Use Tantric Practices to Light That Intimate Spark You’ve Been Dreaming About

Vivien: Fantastic! Thank you, Freddy and Elsbeth, I’ve got quite a few more important questions for you after the commercial break, like how to revolutionize your relationship, so everyone, please be sure to stay with us here on The Schapera Show, where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life.

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Vivien: Hello and welcome back to The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. Today we are talking to Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Chantal Weaver, a husband and wife team who have developed a method that they call TantraNova, which is a form of energetic Yoga. TantraNova frees our energy, raises our consciousness and supports our capacities for intimacy and all relationships, both at home and at work.

Elsbeth and Freddy, I see that via TantraNova, you can focus on a whole spectrum of extremely important topics, namely Revolutionizing Your Relationship, Mastery of Human Relationships, Tapping into Vulnerability to Access Your Bliss, The Link Between Sexual Energy and Money Energy, Lasting Intimacy and Its Connection to Longevity … and so of course, I want to talk to you about all of them … but let’s select a few of these for this conversation.

Let’s begin with this: Revolutionizing Your Relationship: Intimacy Secrets and Sexual Enlightenment. Elsbeth, how do these two go together?

Elsbeth: Sexual enlightenment is a juxtaposition of sexual and enlightenment – sexual belongs in the bedroom, enlightenment in the temple. We look at the temple of the self, and we come to wholeness within ourselves. We all are both earthly and heavenly beings, bringing together our physical sexual selves and our spiritual selves – because our sexual energy is a potent fuel – how about using it to inform our spiritual selves. In turn our spiritual selves can inform our sexual selves so that they can dance together, giving rise to a sense of wholeness. Not an either/or but an AND.

Vivien: Wow, Elsbeth, you state that so clearly and so usefully! Thank you for that, I already feel empowered. And what about mastering human relationships – what principles and insights are you using there?

Elsbeth: There is a core tenet of pointing out relationship models that profoundly affect the dynamics of our relationships – well actually, “profoundly affect” doesn’t even convey enough because these are determining factors. We’ve all grown up in a hierarchical model of relationships, that shows up in every facet of our lives – in our families, in our couple partners, and in organizations.

We integrate this into our work in terms of relationship creation – in intimacy – applying a horizontal or partnership model instead of a hierarchical model. We can think of this like an infinity loop that allows an equality even though different. Living in a horizontal relationship model there are skills to be developed. Could come in pairs, like yin and yang. Like both “listening” and “speaking up” need to both be developed. An example of how hierarchy influence is that the one who is on top may believe that he doesn’t need to listen to who is below.

Another important exploration: How come it took women so long to speak up? Why have women been in a subordinate role for millenia? The answer seems to be that when there is a consciousness prevailing, everyone just moves in that consciousness until a shift shows up. A shift like the women’s movement in the sixties and seventies. Now, we’re learning how to cocreate as partners.

“Receiving and Giving” is a horizontal relationship. Receiving requires letting go, and trusting. Trust is necessary, because receiving can feel vulnerable.

“Leading and Following” can also be structured into a horizontal model, where there is a movement to and fro, in the figure 8/infinity sign formation.

And of course, to be able to change to a horizontal model, we need to develop new skills.

Vivien: Yes, that’s the truth, isn’t it, if we want change, we need to actually change something and developing new skills is a fantastic way to change. I wonder if I can ask this: In your work, do you have something to say about bereaved people, people who have lost their significant other?

Elsbeth: When someone loses a beloved that is not only a physical loss, there is something else that is taken out of your body. I lost my husband in 1996, age 52, there was sadness and anger – then I had to come out on the other side, became free within, so that I could create a new relationship. Depends on time frame – too early, our work may not be so useful yet. There needs to be an opening, sadness needs to be cleared and freed. So, not right away, after a loss.

Vivien: Yes, that makes sense … of course. What have you seen in regard to this with your clients?

Freddy: Yes, I do have a helpful piece to share. We worked with a couple whose son died. The couple were grieving him, and couldn’t get back to their intimacy. The practices that we taught assisted them. The sadness can come up, you can embrace it, but also you can let it go. They could get some “distance” neurosynaptically. The somatic experience – the altered state allows one to get in more deeply.

Vivien: Freddy, I like the way that you use the word “distance” to denote both time and space. Can you say some more about this?

Freddy: “Distance” – move away – the nature of the mind and then we get time away, then we remember and we go through it again. Distancing is not numbing ourselves, but stepping out of the circularity of thought and emotion. Big opening for the couple was that they could see new possibility instead of stuck in a pattern of thinking and feeling. A couple can unfortunately keep each other in that. This was shifting out of a nightmare.

Vivien: Wow, Freddy and Elsbeth, you’ve certainly given us a huge amount to think about it. Let’s review how we can find you online, how we can get your books, and how we can sign up for the free course that you are offering us.

Freddy: Yes, our website is:

Our book is: available at

Sexual Enlightenment book in hard copy and audio on Amazon 

The Social Sexual Power of Infinity Flow in e-book

Plus, we have a FREE GIFT for the audience 

Ignite Your Relationship Workshop
How to Use Tantric Practices to Light That Intimate Spark You’ve Been Dreaming About

Vivien: Thank you very much, Freddy and Elsbeth for coming on The Schapera Show and telling us all about TantraNova. Plus, that’s very generous of you to be offering a free workshop to all the listeners, I hope many of you take advantage of the opportunity. And I also hope many of you return after the break to listen to Neil giving his report from the spirit realm here on The Schapera Show.