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Hello and welcome to The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called

Life. Our guest today is a woman after my own heart because she has something completely

new and original to share with us. Let’s say hello to Heather Leigh Strom, who is … wait for it …

a Galactic K9 Channel. Of course, none of us can possibly know what this means, but

fortunately this is the opportunity to hear all about it.

Hello, Heather Leigh, thank you for coming on the show.


Heather Leigh: Thank you, Vivien, thank you for having me.

Vivien: So, Heather Leigh, let’s get right to it, shall we? What’s a Galactic K9 Channel?

Heather Leigh: Haha, I hope I can explain, because that’s what I am … or rather,

discovered myself to be. It means that I am a channel for the galactic version of our dogs who are the benevolent guides associated with our pet dogs. Currently, I

am working with four Galactic K9 guides and I have written a book entitled K9 Spirit Guides

The Healing Power of Man’s Best Friend.

And if I may also explain, K9 spirit guides work through your dogs to guide you on your

journey of Healing, Growth, Wisdom, Transformation, Spiritual Evolution and

Ascendency. But you do not have to own a dog or love dogs in order to take advantage of what they have to offer humanity.

Vivien: OMG, Heather, this sounds unbelievably fascinating, but tell me, do people look at you

as though you have two heads when you say “Galactic K9 Channel?”

Heather Leigh: Funny you should say that, because “two heads” was exactly the sign

that I got that this would be my mission in life.

Vivien: Wait … What? What do you mean by “two heads” was the sign you got?

Heather Leigh: Exactly that! I stumbled upon a conjoined twin squirrel in my yard – me

and my dog. It turns out that this was a pre-determined signal, and once I got it,

everything lined up. There was a massive surge of energy, and I knew something was

about to happen. The K9 guides have explained that this was a call to arms for all of


There was a question about when I was going to be activated. I had been sitting in a

cocoon for 11 years, just waiting. I knew it was going to be big and that I hadn’t done

such a thing ever before, and I needed a team.

Vivien: A team? What kind of a team and who is on the team?

Heather Leigh: I needed some well-versed mystics to help me. I got a shaman mystic,

a numerologist, an astrologer, a hypnotherapist, and myself.

The shaman was my fact checker. He did a reading for me and said it looks like I’m supposed to

write a book. I tried writing, but had no idea what to write about. Then, I had a dream that wasn’t really a dream …

Vivien: Yes, I know those dreams! They can be more like shamanic journeys, right?

Heather Leigh: Yes, more like a journey or quantum travel. In the dream, I was in

Counsel with my personal spirit team discussing the title of the book, and we kept using the same three words. I grabbed my journal and scribbled down the three words “K9 Spirit Guides.”

I didn’t even remember the dream but later, I saw the words in the book.

The title led me to believe I was going to write about my dogs, because I have a lot of stories about them, and I thought “that would be easy”, but … I had no idea what was coming.

As I was writing the stories, the shaman who was coaching me said I must connect with

the higher versions of my dogs. I had to learn to meditate and so that I could

connect with the intergalactic versions of them and download their messages for me.

Vivien: Wow, this is fantastic stuff! But let’s backtrack a little and find out more about you.

Perhaps that way we will get some insight into how you got selected to be the channel for the

K9 Guides.

Heather Leigh: I spent 30 years as a physical healer, but never really fit in. I always

suspected there must be something more to offer my patients.

However, I have always been a dog person with an additional career as a dog trainer,

national competitor in multiple dog sports, and a dog breeder. So, I have a very long

history with dogs and owned 30 of my own personal dogs to this date in my life.

Vivien: Oh, so there is a big background with dogs!

Heather Leigh: Yes! Then, in 2022 I began my spiritual awakening when I wrote my first

book, K9 Spirit Guides: The healing power of man’s best friend. This is when the K9

guides began to work with me and heal me, introducing what they had to offer

humanity. Now I have transitioned completely into energetic and spiritual healing as I

channel the advanced technologies of the benevolent guides associated with our dogs!

Vivien: And this awakening was signaled by the sighting of the conjoined squirrel, right?

Heather Leigh: Yes, that’s right, and then I put the team together and wrote the book.

Which makes it sound easy … and it did progress smoothly and quickly.

Vivien: So, you said that there is a counsel of the intergalactic version of all animals. Then, do

cats have something like this too?

Heather Leigh: Yes, they do. There’s so much more to come! So far, I have only been able to explore the K9 Spirit Guides. The other animal kingdoms will be coming later.

Vivien: Then, are the K9 Spirit Guides in their own realm? Or are they in a shamanic or

mythological creature realm?

Heather Leigh: yes, the shamanic wild animal association with each guide lends me to believe they are partly associated with the shamanic realm. But the dog part of them comes from various intergalactic healing benevolent animaloid races. As I meet the next set of K9 guides I am seeing animals that we don’t have here on this planet; on this earthplane.

I can also say that such creatures as Dragons, Pegasus, Unicorns — anything we see in

illustrations and in the movies are absolutely real. They are created from our memories. I have visited myself on a higher timeline where I serve this very role in a physical form as the caretaker for all of these creatures.

The K9 guides have chosen to portray themselves as half dog breed – half

shamanic animal. For example, Anthea chose a Golden Retriever blended with a cheetah.

Each of these conjoined figures offers a specific kind of healing, focusing on predictable issues we face. Depending on what direction and healing you require at any given time will determine which K9 guide is offering to work with you.

The Core Four is only the beginning. There are over 50 of them. In my next book,

I will deal with the essential 8 and it will have a totally different focus than the first 4.

Vivien: I haven’t ever heard of anything like this before now. Which isn’t to say that I have

heard of everything that exists, but this certainly feels new to me. Heather Leigh, do you have

an explanation why dogs have been chosen first?

Heather Leigh: Yes, I do – it’s because of the way people feel about their dogs and how deeply we connect with them through our heart; opening and fully.

Vivien: Aah, yes, the way that people feel about their dogs – it’s an intense and unique

relationship isn’t it. We say “a dog is a man’s best friend,” and this is just the tip of the iceberg

of how very special our dogs are in our lives. Heather Leigh, do you have any recommendations

about how to approach your book, how to use it and get the best depth out of it?

Heather Leigh: Yes, Vivien, thank you for asking. This is actually a very important

question and I appreciate the opportunity to answer it. The K9 guides have provided the tag line as it’s “a study, not a story”. The book is meant to be studied, not just read.

The book will move the reader into an energetic shift, and I recommend that

readers journal as they read.

I can also say: Read between the letters, the lines, the spaces. On the audio book, listen

to the space between the words. That’s where the power is. Even if you don’t know

what this means, still form the intention for this to happen … then allow it to happen …

because as long as you allow it, it will happen on its own.

For example, Indigenous people consider speech to be symbolic. A single sound contains

a paragraph of value. Let the book work with you when you read it, and when you hear

it. It moves you from the cellular level.

Vivien: And, Heather Leigh, what’s the practical outcome of all of this?

Heather Leigh: I’ve witnessed the K9 guides provide comfort and reassurance with the

information they have shared with my clients about their lives, their soul’s journey, and

their own individual mission.

Having this information gives them the confidence and insight with which to firmly and

confidently proceed in a direction they might have previously expected to be difficult,

such as recovering from a devastating loss or illness or completely charging forward in a new direction.

But they don’t stop there. These guides skillfully provide the healing my clients need to

remove any blockages, beliefs, or resistance that stands in their way to realizing their

full potential and their soul’s intended purpose. They make healing incredibly fast,

catapulting our growth far beyond what we ever thought possible. We need only to be

willing and they’ll do the rest as they did in my own journey.

Vivien: Heather Leigh, can you share with us an example of how these K9 Spirit Guides?

Heather Leigh: Yes, I have a good recent example. When I do a reading, I just get a

name, that’s all. I meet with the K9 guides and they tell me what the person needs to

know what assistance they require and which K9 guide is coming forward to work with them.

When I tuned in to this client, I instantly saw a twin; I wasn’t sure if it was a real twin or a vanishing twin.

I also saw some blockage in the sacral area of her body. I was also told that there was an ancestral pattern that needed to be cleared although I did not know what exactly. We don’t need to know all the details, the K9 guides constantly remind me.

Anthea volunteered to assist this client using her favorite crystal, apophyllite. So, I had mine ready. After I received her download, I then connected to the client on a zoom call.

My first question was: Do you know anything about having a twin?

It turned out that the client was born after her mother lost her older brother when he was 6

months old. She had always felt like she had this shadow person that she was close to.

Her older brother’s spirit had kept her company in the womb. But he left before birth, and she felt betrayed by that.

After the reading, Anthea provided healing using Apophyllite frequency.

Plus, I noticed she pulled in a whole other realm of energy, like a spear, driving it into the sacral

Chakra area. The client reported feeling all of this and also an awareness, a memory, of a family pattern around fibroid cysts, trouble conceiving, and early menopause (which she had forgotten to share with me prior to her session or her healing). In the moment she consciously declared her desire to clear it, let it go as Anthea was working with her.

This condition had plagued all the women in her family and had prevented her from having

more than 1 child. So, this was the ancestral pattern she had agreed to take on and also to clear for her future generations. She received profound healing during the session and felt light, like

a blank slate. She also felt like she could at last let go of her brother’s “betrayal.”

We also worked with her grief and guilt over her boxer whose death had created an emotional vacuum providing a treasure chest of opportunity for very deep healing.

Vivien: Wow, Heather Leigh, that sounds super-powerful. I have a lot more questions for you,

but it’s time to take a break. Before we do, please can you share with us how people can get

hold of your book?

Heather Leigh: Yes …

There’s a link to the book’s website which is:

It is available on, Barnes & Noble and

Vivien: Well, there we have it! We are interviewing Heather Leigh Strom about the Intergalactic

K9 Spirit Guides and when we come back after the break, we are certainly going to find out

even more about this higher version of “Man’s Best Friend!”

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Vivien: Hello and welcome back to The Schapera Show, where Viv and Neil explore this big

adventure called Life. Our guest today is Heather Leigh Strom who has connected with amazing

guides in another realm, the power animal guides of our very own pet dogs.

These K9 guides are beyond fascinating! Before the break, you spoke about Anthea.

Who are the others and what do they do?

Heather Leigh: Yes, Anthea is the first guide who works with the divine feminine & helps us heal tags that block our ability to connect deeply with our own divine love and joy. This will drastically improve our ability for powerful creation.

Oskar represent the divine masculine and chose the black n tan coon hound + lion. He connects us to our voice, courage and power, balancing the divine masculine to provide the container for the divine feminine.

Oeragon carries a much higher frequency than the first two, identifying with the basenji and the black panther. She identifies and removes masks that we hide behind and that separate us from our own divine soul. She introduced me to my soul for the first time in my life.

Héric shows up as a pug & bald eagle which allows him to soar easily between all dimensions and to escort us easily through all timelines. He gave me wings and introduced me to the quantum realm and made it easy for me to access all that I needed there.

He’s actually the K9 guide of my current corgi, Gigi. I got Gigi right before I started writing the book when I wasn’t intending to get another dog. She was part of the call to arms that was activated and I HAD to find her.

Vivien: Hmmm, I sense another story here, but before we talk about Gigi, can we go over the

“Core 4” again for clarity?

Heather Leigh: Yes, we can, and of course you can meet them all in the book:

Anthea clears the path to your joy and self-love

Oskar empowers your powerful voice and ability to stand up for yourself and

speak your truth protecting you until you are able

Oeragon connects you to your true self and removes the masks in the way

Héric connects you to your expanded consciousness and awareness of your

divine connection and beyond.

Vivien: Heather Leigh, there’s so much here to explore. It seems like this begins with a personal

journey, then.

Heather Leigh: Yes! I had a really rough life with low self-esteem generated from my experience with my narcissistic father and absent mother. I didn’t know love until I

met the K9 spirit guides. My voice was stifled and blocked for fear of expressing myself and inflicting my father’s rage. I was terrified to be me, and I had no idea who I was because until now I was so deeply undercover, not even I know who I was or my mission. Imagine a spy who lost their memory! In my view and experience, the world was a terrible place and I wanted nothing to do with it.

Vivien: And then you also have Gigi who seems so special. Can you tell us more about Gigi?

Heather Leigh: Yes, Gigi is ultra-special. How I got Gigi: I wasn’t going to get more dogs,

because I wanted to be free to travel. I thought that when Nikki died (my 12 yr old) I would be done with dogs. But I began to receive another “calling” from another dog at the end of 2021. I asked my husband about adding to our pack, and he just laughed. Everyone but me knew I wasn’t done with dogs.

Historically my dogs had always called to me to find them, long before I knew I was psychic. I thought they were hunches, but I always followed my gut and I always found them. Some in Germany, Belgium, Canada, even though I had never been to those countries. Gigi was harder though, because all the others I at least knew what breed they were and whether they were male or female when I got the calling. For Gigi I had to figure those details out. My channel was getting stronger, so they were testing me.

When I get a calling, it’s an obsession and I couldn’t rest until the order was filled.

Was it a puppy? Adult? Male or female? What breed? Mix? Rescue? What color? I spent

the next week on the internet to connect the dots that I was given. I finally determined she was a female tri-colored black-headed (at the time) Corgi, who was ready to go soon and nearby. After many sleepless nights and digging deeply into the underbelly of the internet (this story is all in my book) I found her. When I met up with the breeder and I greeted Gigi’s mother I found her to be confident, outgoing, yet submissive and calm (not at all your typical Corgi). And her energy was a match to the energy that had been calling to me!

Gigi was 8-weeks-old and only 45 minutes down the road!!! She was the only tri-colored female in the litter. The rest is history. Gigi is very powerful energetic healer and works right alongside me.

Vivien: Wow! So, that’s how you found Gigi! From this work that you’re doing, what can you say

about current times?

Heather Leigh: Humanity has stepped into a new awakening of higher spiritual realms.

So much more is possible than we ever imagined. It’s time for us to remember who we

are and what we are really capable of. The k9 guides are just one of the available tools

to help elevate our consciousness quickly and easily.

Why are the k9 spirit guides speaking with you now?

Humanity needs to heal quickly so that we can move on and embrace our future as a collective consciousness like the other advanced races in the galaxy. Everyone is waiting on us to make this shift. So, we have a lot of help to make it happen.

Vivien: Can you give an example of what we are capable of?

Heather Leigh: Yes, here’s an example. Healing is not hard, it’s not a process, and

doesn’t take time. This is what we have been programmed to believe, but it’s not true.

My book is an example of how healing can be instant. As I wrote, the guides were

working with me. For example, I had a massive ancestral entanglement that I was able

to identify and dissolve instantly just by asking questions and allowing the healing.

Vivien: And do you have a final message for all of us?

Heather Leigh: Yes — We’re all waking up now. We all have a mission at this time.

Vivien: It sounds like we can all benefit from reading your book, Heather Leigh. Please can you

tell us again what the title is, where we can get it, and where we can find out more about you?

Heather Leigh: Yes …

There’s a link to the book’s website which is:

It is available on, Barnes & Noble and

And you can work with me and the K9 guides to assist you on your own journey to healing and ascension. Find me at

Vivien: Well, thank you Heather Leigh Strom for joining us here on The Schapera Show and

telling us all about this new frontier of empowerment, the K9 Spirit Guides. We’re going to take

a break now, and when we come back, Neil will be giving his report from the spirit realm.