Video: Making Magic Potions with Crystals and Oils

Watch these highlights from our potion-making ceremony: A few days before Vivien prepares the essential oil blends and crystal elixirs, placing them in a pyramid for energetic charging. The ceremony is held the night before the full moon. Lower energies are burned away, sanctifying the space, and then Shaman Neil calls in the spirits, angels, power animals, fairies and mythical creatures to assist us in making the magic potions. We channel the energy from these other dimensions, blessing all the ingredients and utensils and then we get to work cooking up the potions! The potions are placed on the altar, and Neil drums to thank and release the attending spirits. We keep the potions on the altar, for 3 days during the full moon, so that they become fully charged. The ceremony, including the potion recipes, were given to Vivien by Spirit more than 20 years ago and these magic potions, and the procedure for making them have truly stood the test of time. In this ceremony we made Deep Healer and Second Chakra Soother.

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