If I mostly work with people in a hands-on modality such as massage or bodywork, and my clientele is not familiar with crystal healing, will it still be worthwhile for me to learn some crystal healing skills?

Yes! You can use the crystals environmentally to generally support the session, and to support your own energy. Working one-on-one with people is intense and demanding, especially if you are a full-time professional, seeing 6 – 8 people per day. As far as your clients are concerned, they don’t have to have metaphysical interests in order to accept crystals in the environment. Crystals are very attractive and make for décor that everyone enjoys. Some clients will eye the crystals and ask whether they have added significance. This is a cue to share your interest in crystal healing. Some clients will request to experience crystal healing and others will not. The client’s choice must always be respected and it is wise to only provide services that the client has implicitly contracted you to provide. If you want to add crystal healing to the service it is necessary, in terms of professional integrity and ethics, to get the client’s consent.