When Two Crystal Healing Experts Meet

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nicholas Pearson for our radio series called The Schapera Show, broadcast on the second Friday of the month, and then available on demand, so you can listen any time.

What do two crystal healing experts discuss when they meet?

Nicholas is a prolific author of crystal healing books, including The Seven Archetypal Stones (2016) and Crystal Basics, The Energetic, Healing and Spiritual Power of 200 Gemstones (2020). Usually, a radio interview focuses on the human-interest aspect of the author’s story, but for us, this was a unique opportunity to go deeper into the science and spirituality of crystal healing.

From my experience with crystal healing, I would say that there are two broad categories of crystal healers – those engaging the metaphysical properties of crystal healing via love and compassion and those engaging the scientific properties of crystal healing via knowledge and research. Of course, in practice these two categories overlap, because crystals simply don’t care about your position, they just want you to provide them with arms and legs so they can do their work. However, for those of us who are investigating the effects of crystals, we like to understand the why and the how behind the seemingly miraculous healing power of crystals.

These are some of the questions we covered in our interview:

  • Nicholas, everyone has their own super-duper adventure story about crystals – how did you get into crystals?

  • I recently discovered how ignorant I am on this one particular aspect of crystals: How are crystals classified?

  • What’s the relationship between health and coherence?

  • Us crystal healers use the term “crystal” very loosely from the scientific perspective. Can you tell us what’s the definition of a “crystal” and what the actual distinctions are?

  • I have a “technical” question for my own benefit: Why does Emerald feel different from the other Beryls?

  • So, crystals are “born” … and then what … are they eternal?

  • While we’re on these more technical subjects, I’d also like to ask about EMF’s, because that seems to be the big buzz these days. What can you explain to us about EMF’s?

  • From Crystal Surgery, I understand how crystals can affect our physiology – via electricity, chemicals and physics – but how come crystals can affect us spiritually? What is the mechanism for that?

  • From your current work with people, what do you think the universe is asking us to be aware of so that we can help ourselves from this moment into the future?

  • So, we can use crystals in specific ways to balance our energy. Is there such a thing as a “signature” or “personal” crystal – a crystal that is especially compatible with who we are?

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