Tucson Gem Show: What We Bought and Why, Part 3, More on Crystal Healing Tools

Vivien and Jamie show you more powerful crystals, and another 12 crystal healing tips and ideas, with accompanying demonstrations.
This video includes:
Sardonyx – for releasing anger and frustration
Aquamarine Lingams – for adjusting and attuning nerves
Lepidolite in Mica – for its lithium-rich property and concomitant effect on depression
Sunstone in Iolite – as a chakra stone
Emerald Lingams – for deeply relaxing the nervous sytem
Lavirkite — (a stone that is mistaken for Labradorite) – a feldspar that has anti-inflammatory properties
Moonstone Wands – another feldspar that has anti-inflammatory properties
Faden Pairs – for draining stress
Green Garnets – for opening the energy flow between chakras and draining pain
Amazonite and Salt – for creating a circuit that synchronizes the vibrational frequency of the physical body and energy body
Pyritized Ammonites – for putting the brain in neutral
Vogel Pairs – for adjusting bilateral chakras