Tucson Gem Show: What We Bought and Why, Part 2 Crystal Healing Tools

Learn more than a dozen crystal healing tips and ideas, including demos of how to use the crystal tools, as you watch satisfying video images of stones, in this continuing exploration of the new inventory acquired at Tucson Gem Show 2019.
You can hear about the following crystals in this video:
Isis Crystals – for transformation
Azurite Suns – for diffusing intensity in the brain Common Opal, and
Cachalong – for pulling toxicity out of the energy system
Himalayan Quartz with Chlorite Pricking Wands, used with Mica – for releasing toxicity from the energy field
Amethyst with Cacoxenite, coated with Hematite – for sucking up toxicity from the energy field
Geodes – for clearing crystal tools
Convoluted Sheet Quartz, used with Hemimorphite – for clearing relationship cords
Fluorite Obelisks – for “pouring” green light into inflamed areas
Emerald Chakra Stones – for relaxing beyond one’s habitual relaxation point
Rose Quartz Chakra Stones – for gentle, soothing and bridging energy
Orange Calcite Hearts – used here as a chakra stone – look at Crystal Surgery Basics Using Heart-Shaped Stones for more info
Aqua Aura Sphere/Smooth Tumbled Stone – for relaxing the energy body