Tried-and-Tested Smoking Cessation Methods and Crystals to Use

Despite plenty of warnings from health experts, many people still smoke. Maybe you’re one of them, and you want to quit but know it’s a challenging process. Since smokers may use cigarettes as a coping mechanism or a way to socialize, it can be hard to kick the habit. In fact, Tobacco Free Life notes you can relapse months or even years after you quit smoking.

That’s why you may want to turn to more holistic methods to boost your chances of success. If you frequent this site, you may be wondering: can crystals help me quit smoking? The answer is yes! Crystals can boost the effects of proven cessation methods by helping you sustain energetic focus on the outcome you want.

If you struggle with quitting, here are some tried-and-tested smoking cessation methods and the crystal suggestions that could work best with them:





NRTs & Carnelian

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is one of the most highly-recommended smoking interventions by doctors. It uses tobacco-free nicotine products to address smoking withdrawal symptoms so you can quit gradually over time. Oral NRT products include the nicotine pouch, which is placed between your upper lip and gum. Pouches are a popular cessation method due to their wide variety of flavors and strengths. This comparison between Rogue and ZYN nicotine pouches outlines how they both offer flavors ranging from mint and cinnamon to make the transition more enjoyable. Their low to medium strength range also allows users to easily consume lower doses over time. Meanwhile, non-oral NRT products include nicotine patches from market leaders Novartis and GSK, which release nicotine in the bloodstream when worn. These last for up to 24 hours for ease of use.

Since NRT is meant to wean you off cigarettes, Carnelian is a pro-active choice. Carnelian is believed to be a powerful addiction fighter, often used to maintain sobriety. Many people use Carnelian to mitigate bodily issues such as cramps, which is why it can be used to combat smoking withdrawal symptoms. Pair Carnelian with NRTs to successfully curb the physiological cravings that lead to relapse.

Exercise & Peridot

Exercise is one of the healthier ways to overcome cigarette addiction. It is an effective method to reduce cravings, as it distracts the body and keeps it active. It also strengthens the heart and the lungs, which can fight against some of the negative effects caused by smoking. To achieve this, experts recommend high-intensity aerobic exercises that get the blood pumping. Some great activities for these include running, swimming, and cycling. Exercise can also combat some of the aftereffects of smoking cessation, such as weight gain and depression.

This is why you should supplement the benefits of working out with Peridot. We note in our article “Crystal Surgery Meditation to Boost the Immune System” that it provides energetic walls and is associated with detoxing. Peridot is said to support the regeneration of cells and tissues, so it may help your body recover after quitting smoking and in between workouts. It could even potentially boost your metabolism to help with the weight gain quitting smoking brings.

Cold Turkey & Amazonite

Experts agree that cold turkey is perhaps one of the hardest ways to quit cigarettes. Many who have tried to quit have emphasized the mental battle that occurs in this situation, as smokers would have nothing to rely on if they feel any cravings or symptoms. Although difficult, it’s not entirely impossible as long as there is proper preparation. First, it’s important to understand what your smoking triggers are, so you can avoid them. The Roswell Park Care Center lists some of these, including stress, boredom, and drinking alcohol. It’s also best to find an activity that can occupy your time, such as reading a new book or attending a class, as the temptation to go back to cigarettes is the strongest during the first week of quitting.

You can increase your likelihood of succeeding with this strategy by using Amazonite. This crystal is associated with strengthening mental fortitude. It delivers a soothing effect that balances your emotions. It can also increase a person’s tolerance to overcome feelings of boredom and agitation. As such, engaging the assistance of Amazonite could give you the courage and the endurance to quit smoking cold turkey.

Quitting smoking is a challenge best tackled holistically. Try pairing appropriate crystals with these tried-and-tested methods to boost your chances of success!