Thulite: The stone for mixed emotions


Thulite – The stone for mixed emotions
Thulite is my new best friend

Hello and welcome back to The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. This is the part of the show where I, Vivien, talk to stones and talk about stones. Guess what? You may have heard this before, but I truly think that Thulite is my new best friend.

What’s Thulite? You may not have heard about Thulite before, but once you hear what I have to say about Thulite, and what Thulite has to say to you, I’m guessing that you too will go out and find yourself this new best friend.

Thulite comes from Norway; it is a Zoisite and it ranges in color from grey to pink, white to rose, and pink to rose. Zoisite is a member of the Epidote group, which also includes Tanzanite, that beautiful blue gem stone that is so expensive. In Crystal Surgery, Zoisite is very, very important, because it transmutes negative energies into positive force fields. I have witnessed this amazing effect repeatedly for 25 years now when using Ruby in Zoisite in a Detox procedure, and I’m also witnessing it in the wee hours of the morning, when I wake up and need Thulite to lull me back to sleep.

Here’s the first message from Thulite. I’m thinking about this choice of words regarding Thulite’s properties, and I’m wondering: What’s the difference between “transmute” and “transform” and Thulite says: “Look it up.” So, I do and get the following explanation: Transmute means to change so completely that there is no going back, whereas transform can go back and forth, like a transformer toy. That makes me ask Thulite: “Then what about shapeshifting?” To which Thulite responds: “Well, that’s a temporary taking on of a different shape, selected for a specific purpose, and does not speak to your ongoing identity. Shapeshifting is an ability not a form of personal change.” Hmm, well that’s clear! Thank you, Thulite.

From this conversation, I understand that this is one of the ways that Thulite works – generating clear distinctions with perhaps mathematical precision – so that we can see exactly where the line is. And the significance of this is immediately clear to me. Once we know where the line is, we can behave accordingly plus, we know which way is up. In the steering of energetics, knowing which way is up is paramount, and of wonderful personal meaning to me because “up direction” is the specific territory of the Alexander Technique.

This aspect of Thulite, the aspect of “mathematical precision,” may sound rather cold and hard, but Thulite tempers this technical temperament via its extraordinarily appealing color and vibration, which embodies the concept of “soft and comforting.” This helps me realize just how effectively Thulite balances yin and yang energies, and opens the door for me to see that this is Thulite’s special gift to us, helping us to unconsciously balance the energies of pro-active vs surrender, perseverance vs acceptance. As Thulite assists us into balance we experience inner peace instead of inner conflict, bringing an empowered alignment between Body, Mind and Spirit.

It seems to me that Thulite could be the stone of this year. Thulite asked me to talk about it last year, and I said “Let’s wait until I have more of you.” It became my mission to obtain more Thulite at the Tucson Gem Show. Then, while I was at the gem show, a young woman contacted me, asking for a stone to help her with regard to a very exciting upcoming pivotal career moment that had become fraught with mixed emotions. Thulite jumped up and down in excitement, shouting “Me, me, me.” I wasn’t so sure. The danger of projecting one’s own stuff onto others is ever-present. In this situation, Thulite added: “Well, look me up on the internet then – get someone else’s point of view.” So, I did. In spot #1 on Google, someone had written a blog describing Thulite’s properties and what she said was an exact, exact, exact match with the very career dynamic that was concerning the young woman. I was actually a bit taken aback, feeling as though Thulite had set me up in some way. Then, when the young woman received her Thulite stones and saw them, she wrote to tell me that when she had envisioned a stone to help her, she had envisioned the exact rose-pink color of the Thulite, so she could immediately recognize the rightness of the choice.

But that’s not all. Also, while we were in Tucson, another woman contacted me about sessions. Then, when we had the first session, she asked whether there was a stone that could help her with the upcoming loss of her best friend, ill with a terminal condition. Once again, Thulite asserted “Me, me, me” and this time I was ready. “Yes,” I said, “I can send you some Thulite, once the palette arrives.” Fortunately, I had listened, and I had bought a supply of Thulite in pendants, palm stones, spheres and pocket stones. I felt like I couldn’t get enough of it.

When I ask Thulite what final message it wants to say to you, here on The Schapera Show, Thulite says this: “Organization is a key principle to succeeding in life. I’m not referring so much to the physical organization of your space, although this is also an aspect, but to the organizing principles of the universe and the organizing principles of the planet Earth. The way that I help, is to get your energetic organization to harmonize better with the energetic organization of the prevailing dynamic. In simpler words, I show you how to flow with the current, instead of fighting it. When you flow with the current, you are harnessing the prevailing energies and nothing can be more empowering than that. If, on the other hand, the current is flowing in an undesirable direction, then I show this to you, and I also show you how to exit that dynamic as gracefully and quickly as possible.”

OMG, I think I’m going to wear a suit of Thulite!

Thank you, Thulite for sharing your fabulous wisdom, and thank you everybody for joining us here on The Schapera Show. Please join us again next month.