Is There Such a Thing as a Crystal Healing Shop?

Is There Such a Thing as a Crystal Healing Shop?

Find the sales people who care about you, and you will find the best metaphysical stones!” Vivien Schapera

Healing crystals can be found in a variety of ways that are both fun and exciting, but it is rare to find a shop that is dedicated solely to Crystal Healing. After we have looked at some of the favorite options, we can explore the advantages of an actual shop that specializes in Crystal Healing tools.

Gem and Mineral Shows

One of the best ways to find crystals is at gem and mineral shows. The dealers do not believe in Crystal Healing, although some of them may know something about the topic. At the large events there are 3 kinds of dealers: wholesalers such as miners selling products specifically from their own mine, distributors who are selling products from many different mines, and retailers who are selling products purchased from miners and distributors. The best pricing will always be from the miners who are selling direct and cutting out any middle men and the concomitant costs, but you usually need a vendor’s license and the capacity to buy in bulk. Gem and Mineral shows put a lot of different dealers into one event so one can choose from a full range of opportunities.

Metaphysical Expos and Fairs

Another excellent place to acquire Crystal Healing tools is at metaphysical expos and fairs. Again, what’s on sale is more general – but now in accordance with the metaphysical theme. Most of the crystal dealers will be in the distributor or retail category, but with the advantage that the buyer has an understanding of metaphysical dynamics. Buying crystals from someone with metaphysical knowledge is definitely advantageous and one can learn a lot when shopping at these events.

Stores and Shops

In our era, there are both brick and mortar shops and online shops where we can buy crystals, and of course most brick and mortar shops now offer online sales as well. Many of these stores sell on social media platforms too, like Instagram. At this juncture, it is important to exercise good judgment and proceed with caution. Why? Because once you are a targeted customer you are vulnerable to persuasive sales pitches, higher pricing and pseudo-information. “Like what?” you may well ask. Sadly, I have to document that there are dealers who make up stuff to gain a competitive edge, including winning the ear of new buyers. Not only is there misinformation, there are also fake stones – specifically synthetic stones being sold as rare pieces – like fake Moldavite. Hardly a week goes by without me getting asked to look at a stone to see if its “real” or to test a stone “to see if it works.” Stones are so lovely, with real healing properties, so it is disconcerting to find ourselves at the mercy of such con artists.

For all of the above options, it is important to take it slowly, giving yourself time to learn. Until you can trust yourself, trust your capacity to choose, and trust your knowledge of crystal pricing, don’t spend too much money in one go. Crystals have a hypnotic attraction, and you must first learn how to handle that before becoming a big spender. Remember that a salesman is a salesman no matter what is being sold. Some sales people are focused on making as big a sale as possible, and some sales people are focused on developing a life-long, happy customer who understands how to benefit from her purchases. Find the sales people who care about you, and you will find the best metaphysical stones! And that’s the reason why you want to find a Crystal Healing shop – because at a Crystal Healing shop you will find a sales person who is more interested in teaching you about crystals than in making a sale.

Personal Touch Stones – Vivien Schapera’s Crystal Healing Shop

The name of my crystal shop is Personal Touch Stones and the name exactly depicts 2 aspects of my crystal business. Firstly, I do personal shopping for people. I have a wonderful “hidden” talent – I can match people and crystals with enormous success. When I go to the gem shows, I can pick out the crystals that will please my customers, and I am so confident, that I carry both a commitment-free and money back guarantee. At the show, I do my best to fill my customers’ requests. When I return from the show, I send my customers pics of the stones that I chose for them, and then they can choose which they want to buy. All I need, is a budget guideline and some familiarity with their taste and style. This “familiarity” is easily acquired by seeing photos of a customer’s 3 favorite crystals.

Secondly, every person and every crystal receives “the personal touch” from me. I hand select all the stones that I buy for inventory. I check the dynamic of each and every stone to ensure that it can fulfill its function. “What function is that?” one may ask. Indeed, that is an excellent question. My Crystal Healing shop specializes in tools for Crystal Healing and even more specifically, for Crystal Surgery. Then, when it comes to selling the crystal, I make sure it is:

  • What the person needs
  • What the person wants
  • In accordance with budget
  • A good match

That is the big difference between shopping at a general outlet vs. shopping at a dedicated store – the knowledge and insight that goes into selecting the inventory, as well as the knowledge and insight that goes into the point of sale.

I am not the only Crystal Healer who also sells crystals. Many of us do, because we know how important it is to ensure that special healing crystals are getting into the right hands. Also, we love to share our knowledge, and the best way to do that is to pass on well-matched crystals that will inspire and mentor their new earthkeeper. How great is that!

About the Author: Vivien Schapera has been going to gem shows, and buying and selling healing crystals since 1996. She is also the author of The Complete Guide to Crystal Surgery 2020. You can contact her via the form on her website: