Crystal Surgery Testimonials

I started working with after the course started.  The client is a 34 year old female who suffered severe childhood trauma, life long night terrors and low self esteem resulting in depression and drug addiction as an adult. The client had been drug free for 8 months when she was referred to me by her sister, (also a client). She had not had any luck with traditional medical or psychiatric treatments.

My treatment has included deleting negative imprints of the energy field, several sessions of childhood detox (small layers at a time, to not overwhelm the client) , removing anger from the heart chakra and rebuilding the heart and solar plexus chakras, the 3 etheric parenting procedures (backwards because I felt she could not receive the unconditional acceptance and love transmissions without first undoing some painful karmic lessons). Attached you will find her referral from her sister as well as her miraculous testimonial.

She just gets better and better each week. After life long depression,  she  is finally experiencing happiness! This is why I want to devote my life to this work. Thank you for giving me a chance to be part of it.~Deborah

You have me on board 1000% what you are bringing out to the world is a revelation. I always knew I was here to help people and you showed me the way. It’s like I’m always thirsty for more of what you share and value what you share across any platform.~Kam