Spirit Report: To Meet a Spirit in Tree Form

Sharing with you, my Shamanic Journeys to the Spirit Realm, and reporting back on the guidance I receive directly from the Spirits

The purpose of this journey is to travel to the Spirit Realm of the Lower World to request the Spirits that they have me meet a Spirit in Tree Form

I’m going to travel to the Lower World and my usual entrance way to start going to the Lower World is actually by going into a hollowed out Tree trunk. I step in and on the floor is where I find this energy portal opening that I go through, and immediately find myself floating, down in the darkness of space, to the Lower World.

I land in a familiar lake which has many hippos in it, and I’m able to get on the back of a hippo, and it swims me to the shore. I’m looking into a woods, a wooded area. I walk towards it putting out my request that I meet and interact with a Tree Spirit.
There’s a pathway that’s created by small stones or small rocks, that are guiding me in a certain direction, and I’m reminded that stones or rocks have an intelligence, and a consciousness, and they’re doing something helpful here, That’s a bit of information that’s given to me to understand and appreciate that the Spirit World is a helpful place – it’s a place of assistance. The Spirits are saying don’t be dumb, the Spirit World is there to help, to assist, to guide.
As I’ve been following this path it’s been getting darker and darker.
Now I come to a very large Tree trunk that’s right in front of me, and there’s a deep voice I hear, that says “welcome”.

A long tendril reaches down, wrap itself around me, and pulls me upwards. I’m pulled upwards, and I’m placed in a nest.
I’m waiting as I sit in this nest, it’s a very comfortable, it’s almost like a feather bed nest. I’m told that this Spirit in Tree form, is a refuge for me.
I can come to this Tree, to this nest in the Tree, and experience peaceful rest and refuge
There’s a very lovely light that’s filtering down through the leaves – a soothing light, and there is this added understanding that I get, that this is a place of healing as well.
That coming to this Tree, coming up to this nest like area, it’s a very healing place for me to come to.
Then there’s another word or statement that’s given to me, that this Tree Spirit is also a place of wisdom. The Tree Spirit says “I’ve been around for eons”. The Tree Spirit says “I connect to the wisdom of the ages, I connect to the wisdom of the Earth, I connect to the wisdom of the Sky.

The Tree Spirit asks me what would I like to know.

I ask “how to access peace of mind?”

Which is an important question for everybody. The Tree Spirit says to learn how to be, without distraction.
I recognize the challenge in this: that I’m habitually more comfortable being busy doing things, whatever it is – working – on the computer, doing a chore, doing an errand, they all have the element, besides whatever satisfaction there may be in them of being constructive, even being creative, there is a strong element of those activities being distractions, and being distractions from just being with myself.

Tree Spirits says the first helpful thing would just be to notice how we do distract ourselves in so many ways, it’s so easy to do. We’ve got all our devices – our phones our computers, etc.
There’s so much entertainment, and we enjoy entertainment, and there’s nothing essentially wrong or bad about entertainment, other than we use entertainment additionally, as a distraction. And the ages old question of “know thyself” or “who am I” and the instruction to “know thyself”, can never be dealt with, if one is in a pretty constant state of distraction.

Just being quietly still by oneself, not doing anything, can be very uncomfortable. There is a habitual urge to be entertained, to be distracted, and then there’s the uncomfortableness of whatever thoughts and feelings may bubble up when one is being still, and not letting oneself be pulled into the distraction of business, and entertainment.

Tree Spirit says that’s why being in nature is a good place to begin, because most of us find nature pleasant – find a pleasant spot in nature, and just be there.
So of course there’s being in nature where one is going out walking ,or hiking ,or in the garden doing things, nothing wrong with any of that, however being still in nature, is what Tree Spirit is recommending.

When one is sitting quietly in nature, there is being with oneself – not escaping ones feelings and ones anxieties and ones thoughts. So knowing oneself, which is an essential ingredient in accessing peace of mind, is knowing, is being aware of ones thoughts and feelings, and anxieties, and not escaping from them.

It’s like being present to oneself, and the Tree Spirit says there is so much that one can simply let go of – habitual thoughts, worries, anxieties, ideas – let them go. They needn’t be anything in one’s mind, and it brings up I think the Buddhist notion of “empty mind”. In a condition of empty mind, there is access to peace of mind. The essence of just being, is peace.
Im invited to go higher up to the very top of the branches, where there’s a very expansive view out over the woods. There is a different perspective of the World from up here.
Tree Spirit says of course we have to do what we have to do. We’re incarnated, and need to have the basics of food and shelter etc.

Doing, is a necessary part of procuring basic needs – the needs of an incarnated creature. But to let doing consume one, takes us out of balance.

The problem is one can hide away from being, by getting lost in that sort of doing, which is constructive and positive, but there has to be a balance and Tree Spirit says the Tree is such a perfect example, a Tree just is, a Tree isn’t isn’t running about being busy, a Tree is aligned with Isness.

Tree Spirit says that’s why the Buddhist practices of breathing, of a breathing meditation, are very helpful because in just breathing, one is closer to Isness. The Tree says to investigate the roots of our anxiety, is to be quiet and still, to feel our tension and our stress and our anxiety, and to not cover it up by being busy, and distracting oneself and entertaining oneself.

Ask what are the essential reasons for being anxious if we are?
No judgment -one never gets judged by a Tree. Tree Spirit says that’s a wonderful thing about being in nature, it’s an environment of no judgment, and Tree says become aware of how you judge yourself – nature isn’t judging you – you’re judging you.
The wind doesn’t judge, water doesn’t judge, Trees don’t judge, and as a parting statement because the drums have changed the Tree Spirits says that judgment and the negativity around judgment, is a major cause of lack of peace of mind. We need to let go of judgment.
That’s the parting wisdom from the Tree Spirit: Let go of judgment.

I thank the Tree Spirit profusely.

And these tendrils come down from somewhere higher up in the Tree, they gently lift me up and Lower me back to the ground, and I thank the Tree Spirit, it was very, very interesting journey.
I express the intention to return to the Middle World, and I simply start floating upwards.
I find my way through the portal, back into the tree of the Middle World. This Tree, this Middle World Tree says in a kind of a joking voice “aren’t Trees amazing?” and I say yes, with a big smile, and now I’m back in the Middle World.

The journey is over, thank you Spirits.