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Kindness and Goodness Journey for Schapera Show broadcast on January 12,2024

Hi there! Welcome back you’re listening to the Schapera Show, and I am Neil, very pleased to be sharing with you, my Shamanic Journeys to the Spirit Realm, and reporting back on the guidance I receive directly from the Spirits


The purpose of this Journey is to travel to the Spirit realm of the Upper World and request that the Spirits give me guidance around interesting information that they gave me on my previous Journey – at the end of the last Journey, the Spirits showed me that in the seemingly dark interior of a church, there were in fact, flashes of light, representing the Spiritual Light that does exist in the world, even though they had focused on showing me a deconsecrated church, to indicate a Spiritual “famine” on earth. They showed me pews lighting up with flashes of Spiritual Light.

I’m traveling upwards from the mountain ledge, traveling upwards, pleased to have my energy beam to travel alongside, being guided and propelled me upwards. I put out my request that the Spirits show themselves in the Upper World, and are there to give me guidance around this topic.

Far above me, I see the steps that I’ve seen before – the pinkish, marble-like steps which are one entrance to the Upper world. I’m barefoot and the steps are quite cool under my feet. I walk up these curving steps just waiting to see what I will be shown, not making any assumptions. I put out the statement: I’ve come to the Spirit Realm to request more guidance about the last image that I saw on my previous Journey – the flashes of light around the darkened pews.

The Spirits are telling me that one absolutely must not become despondent. It’s just not a constructive feeling to go into, and that in fact, there is a huge amount of goodness in the world, of kindness. At the end of the day, kindness and Spiritual evolution are what counts.

I’m on the outside of the “church” and there are these big dark, wooden doors. I push them open and go inside and what on the previous Journey had been a dark space, with dark wood pews, is now quite brightly lit up. It’s almost hard to see properly because it is bright, and there are colored lights. I’m being told that goodness is everywhere, and that it’s actually not at all desirable to focus on “lack of goodness” and “lack of Spiritual connection.” That’s not “moving forward.”
Above all, one wants to move forward constructively, helping one’s self and helping others. If you look at photos of earth taken from the space stations, you see the lights of cities everywhere. Yes, there is darkness, and then there are other areas where there is lots of light and the earth is like a jewel. The Spirits are saying that that, is what we each should endeavor to be – to be a jewel in the darkness, a light in the darkness.

Part of that is just in our very ordinary, everyday interactions with people. To be patient, to listen, to be supportive and to remember that each person that we are interacting with is another human with feelings and wishes, hopes and dreams, and of course they have had disappointments and pain, and that they have limitations based on their upbringing. It is so easy to notice limitations, and put our focus on the limitations of other people and not also remind ourselves of the richness and the goodness that there is in most people.

I ask: Can you show me or tell me more about the “flashes of light” that do exist in the world? The Spirits say: “Of course, society has not broken down, we are not running wild in the streets, stealing and hurting and misbehaving. The thread that holds a society together is actually quite delicate, and for the most part, society is holding together and that is a testimony to the goodness in people being displayed and manifest.”

Where we can, we should join in with other people and groups who are doing good things in the world. There are volunteer organizations for feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, raising money for good causes and publicizing the needs. There is plenty that we can participate in if we want to. They are saying: “Don’t get despondent. It is so easy to focus on what’s not working properly – there’s no lack of that – but we should move away from that focus.”

I say: I’m not sure whether this is the essential point, but what can people do to make the world a better place? The answer is: Be kind, be patient and listen to people.
There is also an aspect of just getting over the feeling of not wanting to do something. One might feel that one doesn’t want to spend time and energy on something. This is not a feeling to follow. Disregard the feeling of resistance, and just go do it – it will turn out to be worthwhile and positive. It is the feeling that must be overcome. Don’t get held back by a feeling.

The drums are still beating in the background. I ask: What else is there?
And the Spirits say: this guidance of “don’t get held back by a feeling” goes for everything that we know that is positive. Like doing exercise – we know it’s positive but we may have obstructive feelings. A feeling usually feels valid, legitimate and true, however we shouldn’t act on those feelings many times.

They are showing me Christmas trees all beautifully lighted with lights and decorations, and a menorah with glowing candles. Let one’s self express “good cheer” and I think they mean “happiness.” We do have happiness inside ourselves, and we should express it. It may not be our only feeling, we may also have feelings like sadness and despondency, but we should let our happiness breathe, show it the air.

The Spirits say that good deeds can flow from a moral sense – a moral code – do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Also, good deeds can flow from your Spiritual Light that is alive and well inside one. The flame of Spirituality is the fuel for good deeds. We have to be good to ourselves. We’re very judgmental, certainly of other people, and we tend to be very judgmental of ourselves as well, and that dims the light that we can put out into the world. That’s a Spiritual “crime” (transgression): to dim our light as individuals is a Spiritual crime – to not shine our Light into the world.
They say a really important thing is that other people should feel safe around us. People may feel really good around us, and be excited to be in our company, but even more basic, is that other people should feel safe around us. A powerful way of expressing that in the world is for us to let down our defenses, that when we let ourselves be less defensive, especially regarding other people, that communicates a sense of safety that other people will respond very positively to. A part of that is to decrease the tension that we carry and that we have in our interactions with other people. They say that believe it or not, a powerful Spiritual practice is learning to release tension, which has physical, mental and emotional manifestations. You could call this a “psychotherapy” with Spiritual implications. There is a very good reason why in so many religions – Buddhism and others – there is a teaching about breathing – relaxing and expanding your breathing – because this reduces our tension. This can be an easy practice applied to all our daily interactions, and relaxing our breathing is always a helpful step. This could be a very interesting topic to explore on the next Journey. Another idea/practice – is we can think of drawing on the energy of the sun and taking that into us to recharge and boost our own Spiritual batteries – as a sort of a meditation, to think of drawing in that power and light from the sun.

Now, the drums have changed and are calling me back.
I return through the now brightly lit church which now is a much more “Spiritual” place than I saw on my previous Journey. The church is now transformed – there is a Spiritual richness – a place of “good cheer” not in the “ho-ho-ho” sense, but in a genuine, deep way. When we choose gifts, we should think that we are giving a symbol of “Spiritual richness”, and we also want to receive other peoples’ gifts, as gifts from the compassionate, kind heart of the other person.

I leave the church, go down the stairs, go down the thread quite quickly, and I arrive back in the Middle World onto the mountain ledge, and I thank the Spirits.