Spirit Report: Journey to see Life on other Galaxies

Neil’s Spirit Report on the Schapera Show: Journey to see Life on other Galaxies


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I decided for today’s Show that it would be interesting to do a Shamanic Journey of Exploration. Most of the previous Shamanic Journeys that I’ve reported on have been Journeys where I’ve taken a request for more information and guidance on a particular topic. However some Shamanic Journeys like the one I’m reporting on today, can be whats called “Journeys of Exploration”, where one asks to be shown some place that would be useful or interesting to visit.

So the purpose of this journey is to travel to the Spirit Realm and ask the Spirits to please take me to another galaxy, far, far, far away from ours.
Where I can view life in another galaxy. So for today’s journey I decided that it would be really interesting to not on this occasion go with a specific request for the answer to a question or guidance around a topic, but to do a shamanic journey of exploration, which is one of the extremely interesting aspects of a Shamanic Journey.
So for this journey I’ve decided to go to the Upper world and request the Spirits there to take me on to a galaxy far far away where I may observe other forms of life, or life that’s not on our planet Earth.

So from the mountain from which I usually ascend, I’m going up alongside my energy beam or thread, I’m going up and I’m going up, and I’m going up, and I’m in the darkness of what seems like outer space, and I’m heading towards the Upper world and all the while putting out the request for my Spirits to escort me, accompany me, guide me, to a Galaxy far far away from planet Earth, where I may see life. One of my Spirit teachers of the Upper world appears, and I know that the Spirit is very enthusiastic about actually taking me places, so I get on its back. I’m still calling in my other Spirits to be present if possible, Spirits of the Upper world, and I just go through their identities, wanting to assemble a powerful group of Spirits for this journey.

And we’re continuing to go up, I have called them in, I have requested their presence. The color around me has changed from darkness, from black to actually a green, like I have seen in images of the Aurora Borealis, and there is purple as well, and we’re continuing to go up. They remind me that traveling to another galaxy doesn’t need to mean going up in terms of my notion of up and down, up from the middle world where I started, that yes to get to the Upper world one travels up, but to go to a different galaxy one can go in any direction. They give me an image of Native American Indians, and they’re just reminding me that from the perspective of European explorers who got to the New World, who got to the Americas, and encountered Native American Indians, they were viewed initially as if they were an alien life form.
They looked different, they dressed differently, so everything that’s different is different in terms of what one is familiar with, and similarly those European explorers were seen by the American Indians as different. And I think, as if they had come from outer space, they were so foreign, and especially with their foreign technology of ships and guns and clothing and horses.

And I’m shown cliffs – brown dry cliffs. I didn’t see a planet, I am just on some planet presumably. I understand that there’s a very harsh wind, a very abrasive wind that occurs in this area, and I know that the life that is here, is deep inside these cliffs away from this abrasive wind. And immediately I wonder what would sustain whatever life form that might be here which I haven’t yet seen.

I understand that I shouldn’t try interpret what I see in terms of what is familiar to me. I know that I’ve been taken to view something deep inside these cliffs, or mountains, and there are pools of some kind of liquid, and swirling inside the pool is a green fluorescence, green light.
My thinking mind wants to try and understand everything about how does this liquid get here, what kind of liquid is it, and I’m being told just observe, don’t try understand and draw any conclusions.
I’m given the information that there are holes in these chambers, and some kind of outside electrical charge comes into these chambers, through the holes, and charges up or almost electrocutes that green fluorescence, and that creates some kind of energized substance, which is food or energy for whatever the life form is here that I haven’t yet actually seen. I was expecting to see something swimming in the water that would then consume or eat this charged green fluorescence, but now I understand, that no, the green fluorescence is itself the life form, and in some manner creates its own food or energy together with this electrical charge that comes in.

This is very foreign, very alien, and of course I have all kinds of questions about are there communities of this green fluorescence life form, is there a consciousness or sentience, is there creativity, is there technology?

These are all the questions in the back of my mind, and the Spirits are saying just remember your request was to simply see and observe, and of course you can find things out, but the point here was to be shown life in another galaxy.

And then I see how as if tendrils of this green fluorescence come out of the holes in the chambers that are inside the rock, come outside, and like fumes or plumes or tendrils, go up into the air and atmosphere, on the outside of these cliffs, these rocks.
There is a huge amount to find out about, but I know I must ask the Spirits to show me another place in the galaxy where I can observe life.
So now I’m seeing something that is a little bit more familiar, in that it’s very jungle-like, but there’s a lot of oozing, of sap or liquid. They look like very strange plants, very crowded with with these plant-like life forms, all kinds of different colors, like greens and purples and darker colors.
I’m just observing that there there are pools, or lakes here as well.

Its like a very over-grown jungle, with lots of sap, or oozing material and water, and I see what looks like eyes, sticking up out of the water.
Almost like crocodile eyes looking up out of that liquid. And this thing that I’m seeing with the eyes, can go under the water. It’s extremely foreign.
I ask the Spirits if they can show me another place in a galaxy that’s far from Earth, where I could see life.
And I’m being shown these circles, like wheels, and on the perimeter of these wheels are lots of spikes.
It’s like a spikey rim, and these wheels that are sort of a gray metal color are traveling along, rotating and moving, and the ground that they’re going on is fairly hard, so it’s like a good tread for these wheels. I’m not sure if they are a life form, or a technology created by a life form. I’m seeing that it can also go unto its side – it moves upright like a wheel, and then also the wheel can lay flat, and beam up what I guess is a searchlight, and things in the air come to this light beam, and then travel down the light beam into this disk – this disk with the spikes around it. I understand although I’m not seeing it, that these things that are drawn via the light beam into the disk, are then, something happens to them, and they go into the ground underneath this disk that’s lying flat.
And the disk has got a lot bigger and fatter as its being lying there with the light beam action. And then it sort of dissolves away.

Its like a carapace – really brittle, and disintegrates soon into a kind of a dust. Its all extremely strange and foreign – I see nothing familiar whatsoever.
I ask the Spirits if they can continue showing me what life exists on other galaxies, far from my own. They are showing me one, and I think this was for my benefit, because the others were so strange, they’re showing me one which to my view, looks more like a dinosaur life setting.
I see things that look like a rhinoceros, but much more armored or protected, and I know I’ve seen pictures in books or videos, of something like this. Somehow it communicates to me that these are these are “Singers”, and what they do is sing, and they sing to the moons and stars around this planet. So they look like heavily armor plated rhinos. I know there’s something very special about their mouths and vocal cords, because they sing and call into space.
And they call into space to the moons and to the stars.
They’re saying, they’re somehow communicating, that they act as, the closest analogy would be a lighthouse, in space in this galaxy. By singing out towards the moons and beyond in space, they’re somehow providing a beacon, for other “Travelers”.
“Travelers” is the word they use. I don’t yet see any travelers.
I’m not sure if the purpose is to call those travelers in to the planet, or to communicate something else. Again this is way beyond my comprehension at the moment. But fascinating and I did after all asked to be shown life on a Galaxy far, far, far away.

And now the drums have called me back and so with a little bit of reluctance because I would be interested in seeing more, I must return to the Middle World.
I asked the Spirits to guide me back to my Middle world of ordinary reality because I’m so far, far, far away from anything that I’m familiar with.
I’m on the back of the Spirit that took me earlier, and I just trust its benevolence and its knowledge, and I hold on and I’m taken at what’s an enormous speed back to a more familiar space where there is this thread that I can then take returning down, down, down back to the Middle world.
So a very strange and unusual journey, but I got what I asked for.
I thank the Spirits and I return with a sense of great strangeness having seen some great strangeness, and I return back to the Middle World, and the Spirits say that this was just to give an illustration to the listeners of what journeys are capable of, because all the journeys so far have been to do with requests for guidance and information, and this was something completely different.

I thank the Spirits and I feel Im back in the Middle world where I started this journey, and the journey is over.
Thank you Spirits.