Spirit Report – How to Cultivate Compassion


Hi there! Welcome back you’re listening to the Schapera Show, and I am Neil, very pleased to be sharing with you, my Shamanic Journeys to the Spirit Realm, and reporting back on the guidance I receive directly from the Spirits






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The purpose of this journey is to travel to the Upper world to request the Spirits that they give me guidance, around the topic of “how to cultivate and value compassion”.

So this journey is a follow up to my last journey where the Spirits told me that one thing that’s really important in expanding our consciousness and our Self, is to cultivate and value compassion. So I’m traveling to the Upper world and start off on my mountain ledge. I’m going upwards, gliding upwards alongside my energy beam, going up and up and up.

I’m putting out the request that my Spirit Teachers of the Upper will be there to meet me, and help me with my request. I arrive at a familiar place in the Upper world – spacious wide pink steps -almost as if they’re made of rose quartz , and I go up quite a grand staircase. I recognize it as a familiar entryway to the Upper world.

Sitting on a step I see one of my Spirit Teachers – He likes to joke and play games and is sitting kind of hunched over, wearing his customary robe, pretending to be hiding although he is very obviously there. There is a message in this, that the Spirits are “hiding in plain sight”.

I know he’s very pleased to see me and he springs up with a big smile and a big expanding of his arms, and he comes and hugs me very tightly and says “good – this is a really important topic to inquire about” . He’s actually leading me by the hand and is quite eager as he takes me, and we go over a little bridge which I’ve been over before, into a familiar clearing in the trees, and I know to look around to see if any of my other Spirit Teachers of the Upper world are there. It’s like a council of of Elders in a way, although they not Ancestral Spirits.

The first thing is they show me a fire, like a campfire with a cooking pot on it, and some sort of stew is being cooked.
Immediately a whole lot of information is being transmitted to me by this image and that is, that all of us as humans on Earth need to eat, and enjoy eating, and enjoy the group dynamic of eating with other people, and that compassion includes understanding and acknowledging that each and every single one of us has the need to eat – it’s absolutely built in and so obvious and that knowing that it’s a crucial basic human need to eat and to share food in a group.

We should absolutely value the compassion of wanting everybody to eat, and to have food to eat, it should be just so obvious, one aspect of compassion then is making sure that no one goes hungry.
There are many other aspects to how compassion can be put into practice but this would be a very basic one, and the key understanding is that we’re all in the same boat – we each know what it’s like – maybe we’ve had a small taste of being hungry, and we certainly are aware that many people don’t have enough to eat.
This is where we can begin – making sure everybody has enough to eat and I’m sure there are many avenues for participating in this kind of compassionate activity.

One of my Spirit Teachers brings a brown bowl of the food that was cooking, and passes it to me, so I can eat, and they say it’s such a crucial basic bond to eat together, to eat with other people. This is fellowship, and when we cultivate compassion, we are cultivating fellow-ship.

They show me a scene of a tall fruit tree. I’m not sure what the fruit is. It may be a symbolic image and see a child trying to jump up to get to the fruit, and it can’t do it, and needs help. Here the Spirits are showing me in a fairly obvious way, how people need to be assisted.
The Spirit is saying yes, compassion involves giving people what they need, and also empowering people to access what they need, so that they can reach their goals.

The Spirit say something that is also obvious – we all know what it’s like to suffer, and because we’ve each had the experience of suffering, and we know how painful suffering can be, it’s clear that we should be helping people who are suffering.

They say it’s perfectly fine to start in one’s own community. There’s suffering all over the world for all kinds of reasons, and some of it seems far away, and it might be people that we don’t immediately feel it an identification with, and the Spirits say that’s part of the issue – we should identify with other peoples suffering simply because they are people. It doesn’t matter where they are, what language they speak, what religion they are. Just the fact that they are people, is what we must identify with.

They say helping locally is good, as you can more easily see the local results.
They say it’s interesting that the word “compassion” has “passion” in the word and that we should be passionate about it.
I ask how do we cultivate compassion?

They say when we we’re eating we should remind ourselves that we are enjoying great good fortune to eat regularly and sufficiently.
We must remind ourselves that that’s not something that everybody enjoys.

We must cultivate this awareness that we are so fortunate and many others are not fortunate. To not take our our good fortune for granted and to have gratitude. By doing this every time we eat, and in fact to everything, like when we get dressed to have gratitude for clothes, and the acknowledgment that others don’t have enough to wear, and when we are in our warm bed safe at home, to have the gratitude for this blessing . It can be for everything – for our health, for our jobs, for our income, for our family, for every aspect of our daily existence. To express gratitude and express awareness that so many people don’t have what we have.

They say that compassion must be put into action. It’s not just saying “ohh what a pity other people don’t have enough to eat I feel so sorry for them!”
That is a first step that’s really important, but true compassion is doing something about it.

They refer me back to that image of the person who couldn’t reach the fruit and they show me all my Spirit Teachers going around this person and lifting them up to reach the fruit of the tree. and they say it’s as simple as reminding ourselves that we don’t like suffering, so why should others like suffering?
They say if we all help our planet would be as close to a paradise as it’s possible to get.
We can’t control everything that happens to prevent all suffering, but we can do a great deal.
Most of us are quite good with being compassionate towards immediate family, those we love and care about, and being generous with our help.
But we find it much more difficult to be compassionate with strangers.

The Spirits also say that compassion is necessary for us apart from those we help – what’s really going to make a big difference is having an understanding that we personally benefit by cultivating compassion.
They say understanding that being compassionate is a mental health quality, a consciousness evolution quality, that when we’re compassionate we’re enhancing our own mental health and our own peace of mind.

If we’re not compassionate, there’s a there’s a deficit in our being fully human and evolving as humans. We need to be compassionate not just out of wanting the well being of others, but we should be compassionate to enhance our own well-being. That requires a recognition and an understanding that being compassionate is essential for our own mental health and evolution.

They say that even if one’s inner feeling of being compassionate still has a way to go in evolving into a strong internal dynamic or motivation, what counts are the acts of compassion.

And it really boils down to helping others, and that when we help others were also helping ourselves, and if we withhold or neglect compassion to others we’re withholding and neglecting something very important in our own personal consciousness development.

With that the drums change and the Spirits gather around me and they say I must drink another bowl of the stew for my homeward journey. They are just giving me another example of love, real hospitality, and with that I say thank you.

I walk away from the clearing I head back over the bridge. I go down the rose quartz steps, back to my energy beam and descend to the middle world, back to ordinary everyday consciousness.

And now I’m back the journey is over.
Thank you Spirits – they showed me that compassion is something very, very basic, it’s not complicated. Thank you.