Setting Up the Remote Session

This is Number 2 in our remote healing demos, which accompanies the free Guided Exploration of the Textbook with a Partner. 
This clip shows how to make contact with your remote client, and begin the session. These are the steps: 
1. Get everything ready. 
2. Text the client, using phone service or WhatsApp (for international calls), to say you're ready. 
3. Let the client call you, using FaceTime Audio, or WhatsApp audio, or regular cell phone service. Audio only works better for this kind of remote work than a video call. 
4. During the session, give gentle narration of what you're doing. 
5. Chat with the client same as you would during an in-person session. 
6. The intention is to form a big etheric bubble around you and the client so that you feel like you are in the same space. This happens naturally when you make a good energetic connection. 

Presenter: Vivien Schapera 
Photographer: Neil Schapera 
Contact: Via the contact form on the website 
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