Scenes at Tucson Gem Show 2019

… comes complete with ghost!
There is a faintly visible orb and then a big blue light jumps into the picture, toward the middle of this video, in the HoJo courtyard scene.
But here’s the interesting part: The location of this incident is at exactly what used to be the late Steve Rosley’s booth — Steve Rosley of Rosley’s Rocks in Chicago.
I bought my first Ajoite crystal from Steve, together with my friend Barbara Jackson, at our very first Tucson Gem Show, back in the 1990’s.
Steve was a well-known figure in the crystal healing community. He had an extremely huge crystal skull and he specialized in spreading the word about new crystals for healing, including “Infinite.” No matter what the cause of the blue light is — and I’m sure that many will have a digital photography explanation — the fact that the effect happened right there, in that spot, speaks volumes to us.
We therefore dedicate this video to the memory of Steve Rosley, with thanks for the contribution that he made to the field of crystal healing. So … hijacked by spirits yet again? Or receiving amazing support from the spirit dimension? That’s what we get when the photographer is also an accomplished shaman … and now, back to the matter at hand.
We hope that the crystal lovers enjoy the other content of this video as well. We wanted to share the fun and excitement and utter beauty of the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2019 with you.
You will see scenes from the TopGems opening on Oracle Road, the storage locker area next door to TopGems, including Clive Queit’s South African mineral collection and a scene from West Desert Collectors where we pick up the Honeycomb Calcite Hearts.
We then show the Travelodge and HoJo area which is where the “ghost scene” happens.
Finally, we go to Hotel Tucson where we look at set up, Jewel Tunnel Imports in the Ballroom, the busy courtyard and inside Minerama and the lobby.
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Script and Narration: Vivien Schapera
Photography and Editing: Neil Schapera