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Saralee Hofrichter

Free Crystal Healing Summit October 23-30, 2022

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Vivien: Hello and welcome to the Schapera Show, where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called life. Our guest today is Saralee Hofrichter who has something very interesting and exciting to share with us … a Crystal Healing Summit that everyone, anywhere in the world can attend for FREE! Hi Saralee, thank you for coming on the show.


Saralee: Hi Vivien, thank you for having me.


Vivien: Before we launch into talking about this fantastic opportunity of a free Crystal Healing Summit, Saralee, can you tell us something about yourself and your background?


Saralee: I have spent decades playing in the world of alternative therapies, developing and honing my skills. For 15 years, I worked as a holistic esthetician at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner, Crystal Energy Healer and Sound Healer, and offer vibrational therapies including Crystal Infused Reiki and Sound Healing treatments out of my home in Amherst, MA. I also offer long distance healings, Crystal Grid healings and sell a variety of crystals on my website, I am in the process of creating a crystal tarot kit called Elemental Truth, (which I hope to have completed by the time the Summit is aired). And yes, I am the host of the annual, virtual Crystal Healing Summit.


Vivien: Well, I can see there’s too much to talk about, and we will definitely come back to your fascinating story, but let’s not keep people in terrible suspense here – when is the summit?

Saralee: The Crystal Healing Summit will be held Oct. 23 – 30, 2022. This is a virtual event, which consists of pre-recorded video teachings by various crystal experts, accessible to all for free for 48 hours once they sign up.


Vivien: This isn’t the first summit, is it?

Saralee: Here is the short answer: No. Last March, I was enrolled in 2 different on-line events that led me to having an epiphany to host my own summit. This was so outside the realm of what I normally do, but I was up to the challenge and I made it happen! It wasn’t part of my original intention to make this an annual event, but I enjoyed the process and the hosting and am excited to continue to share teachings about the uses, benefits, wisdom and beauty of crystals and how they can be used in our daily lives.


If you want the full story, here it is:

Back in March 2021, I was enrolled in a 7-week course called “Shamanic Journeys into Nature” with Sandra Ingerman. We had just completed our 5th class and the topic was “The Power of Stones and Crystals”. (This topic was actually the reason I signed up for this class.)


Along with this, at the same time,  I was participating in a 10 day Tapping Summit. It was the last day of this Summit and we were doing this whole tapping session related to money, shame, and anger. Here I was, tapping away when I had this random thought “What if I were to host a Crystal Summit?”


It was a very clear thought that caught me SO by surprise. Although I had been working with crystals, and have a great love and respect for these beautiful energy Beings, I am not someone who had done anything like this before, so this was really HUGE for me.


Somehow, the combination of these 2 events that I was partaking in, the session with Sandra about crystals and being in the Tapping Summit that helped me to connect to this Divine Inspiration of crystals and summit.


Without thinking too much about it (thankfully), I sent a message to Sandra, explaining what had happened to me and asking her if she would consider being a guest speaker at my Summit. I had decided, within myself, that if she said yes, that this was the green light I needed to move forward.

Getting the message to Sandra was not easy and there were a few roadblocks along the way, but I was patient and persisted.

In the meantime, I decided to do a little research. I googled, “How to Host a Virtual Summit”, looked up some other potential crystal experts that I could invite, came up with a few potential topics of interest …

Then, within the week,  I heard back from Sandra that she would love to do it! OMG! My first thought was “Now I’ve really got to make this happen!”

Unfortunately, Sandra had to back out of the Summit, which was a big blow, but, in retrospect perhaps her role was just to give me my green light! And she did that, and then she was done.

I emailed my amazing and beautiful soul website person, (shout out to Michele Stohen of intuitive Designworks), to see if she could have a Zoom call with me to discuss this new idea:) I immediately heard back from her with a “yes”.


And so the journey began..


Vivien: Oh, and if I wanted to see that material now, is there a way?

Saralee: If you are referring to the teachings from last year’s summit, unfortunately, no, unless you bought “Lifetime Access.” If you are referring to this year, the teachings will become available Oct. 23, 2022.

Vivien: Saralee, this is important, tell us again: When is the summit?

Saralee: The Crystal Healing Summit will be held virtually Oct. 23 – 30, 2022


Vivien: So I go to crystalhealingsummit dot com and then what happens?


Saralee: You sign up by filling out the short registration form. Then, each day during the week of the summit, an email will arrive in your inbox at 9:00am EST. with a video recording by a guest speaker. The recording will be available for 48 hours to watch for free, or you can opt to purchase Lifetime Access to the entire Summit recordings for the nominal fee of $44.


The summit consists of 6+ guest speakers giving a 30-ish minute teaching on various interesting crystal related topics. (Hopefully, there will also be a bonus day, but that is still in the works. Hopefully, I will know for sure by the time we do our interview.)


In addition to each guest’s video teaching, many are offering wonderful freebies as well, so it is a great opportunity to build on your crystal knowledge and resources.


Vivien: And Saralee, who will be presenting this year?

Saralee: I have gathered a wonderful group of wise, knowledgeable crystal experts to present to us this year!

  • Saralee Hofrichter – Welcome and Guest Introductions
  • Hibiscus Moon  – Video Interview with Saralee Hofrichter
  • Nicholas Pearson – Being an Ethical Crystal Consumer
  • Dawn Silver – Cosmic Origins of Crystal Healing
  • Vivien Schapera – An introduction to Crystal Surgery
  • Kyle Russell – Using Crystals for Healing (incl. across Space & Time)
  • Jeralyn Glass – Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls and the Endocrine System


Vivien: Saralee, that sounds like quite a line-up! Did these crystal healers apply to present?

Saralee: No, I invited them to present.

Vivien: So, how did you go about selecting presenters?

Saralee: I did quite a bit of research. You would be surprised at how many people are selling, teaching, writing and talking about crystals! I made a list, which I continue to add to all the time, and honestly, muscle tested as to who might be a good fit for the summit.


Vivien: Well, I can certainly say that I was super-excited when you invited me! For one thing, I think Crystal Healing Conferences are the best fun ever, and I’m so glad that someone is willing to put in the extensive work that it takes to put on something like this, and for another, I felt deeply honored. Saralee, will you be presenting?

Saralee: I will be opening the summit with a Welcome and Introduction video.

Along with this, will be a short presentation on Connecting with Crystals.

Vivien: So although you work as a dedicated healer, you really want to facilitate this wonderful dynamic for everyone out there who is into crystal healing. I for one am very grateful. Let’s tell the listeners one more time how to access the summit.

Saralee: You can sign up for free at  and fill in the registration form.

Vivien: Saralee, I can sense a wonderful depth to your own story, so when we come back after the break, I hope you will share some insights and inspiration. You have been listening to the Schapera Show, where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called life, please join us for more after the break.

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Vivien: Hello and welcome back to the Schapera Show where we are talking to Saralee Hofrichter a Healer par excellence who is putting on a Crystal Healing Summit for the whole wide world! Saralee, if it’s OK with you, I’d like to ask you some questions about yourself. How did you become a Healer?


Saralee: While working as a holistic esthetician, my clients would repeatedly exclaim at the end of their treatment “Wow! That was so much more than a facial!” Eventually, I decided to explore what this “so much more” was and I discovered that I was doing energy work. I figured that if this was happening while I wasn’t conscious of it, imagine how powerful it could be if I brought consciousness and intention to it. This started me on my path of exploring energy. In 2013 I became a Reiki Master.

It was while in Brazil that I got introduced to the healing power of crystals. Crystals were everywhere and I fell in love with their beauty before I experienced their power. I received several powerful crystal healing sessions and came home with some beauties.

I started incorporated them in my facials and energy healing sessions with much success, which led me to a five-month “Advanced Energy and Crystal Healer Training” in 2016.

The missing piece to my offerings became clear to me in a moment of divine inspiration. Combining sound with Reiki and the crystals was the perfect healing trinity. In 2018, after completing an intensive “Sound, Healing and Consciousness” training, I purchased a beautiful set of crystal singing bowls and developed an Energy Healing Treatment that incorporated these 3 vibrational therapies. In 2020, I started learning and incorporating tuning forks in my treatments, training privately with the incredible Penny Mahoney, Biofield Tuning Researcher.


Vivien: From your current work as a Healer, can you share a helpful insight?

Saralee: In my experience, I have to have a taste of my own medicine first and then I attract others who are looking for similar help. Personally, I am being asked to own my power and step more fully into the light and share my gifts with those around me. What I have to share with others is the knowledge that everything is energy.

It is so important to slow down, be more introspective and be more discerning of how and with whom one spends their energy. I know that most of us, myself included, can benefit greatly from getting out of our head and more into our body. I feel our nervous systems have been through quite a bit of trauma and could benefit from a reset.

Even though I don’t watch the news daily, I know that I am affected by the “psychic soup” of the world around me. Again, it really comes down to paying attention to energy and how each of us can do our part to uplift the frequency of the planet.

Vivien: Oh fantastic Saralee, I love to hear these stories of “Everyday Magic” that lead us to the current moment. In completion, what would you like to say to our listeners?

Saralee: I want to invite them to sign up for The Crystal Healing Summit, so that their love and knowledge of crystals is ignited and/or expanded, and the healing beauty and wisdom of crystals is explored in a deeper way.

It’s free and easy! Just go to and sign up and look forward to receiving your first email on Sunday, Oct 23rd.

If you have any questions or comments along the way, please feel free to contact me at

Vivien: Saralee, I am so grateful that you’re willing to take on such a mammoth task and make such a big contribution to this field. And I am so grateful that you gave us your time to come and talk to us here today on the Schapera Show on Everyone, you have been listening to the Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called life. We’re going to take a break now and when we come back, Neil will be reporting to us from the Spirit Realm.

The Crystal Healing Summit: A Sacred Journey into the World of Crystals
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October 23rd – 30th, 2022

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