Sagenite: The “No More Painful Lessons” Mineral



















About 22 – 23 years ago, on a trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, I found a stunning crystal that persuaded me to spend more on it than ever before. What was it? It was a very clear, AAA+ grade clear Quartz with a perfect “thumbprint” of Sagenite in it.


What is Sagenite? Sagenite is the name given to a formation, rather than a single mineral. This is what Melody says: “Sagenite is the name given to complex reticulated, twinned intergrowths of acicular Rutile crystals (or vacant structures showing the same morphology); the Rutile crystals intersect at 60-degree angles.” Love Is in the Earth, p. 707

This all sounds very, very complicated, right? Well, it is actually easy to recognize the Sagenite formation, because it forms a Star of David pattern, that repeats and overlaps, forming a mesh, or net. In fact, the word “‘Sagenite’ is from the Latin word meaning ‘large fishing net.’” Melody, p. 707. There is actually quite a long list of minerals that can form into Sagenite. The best known are: Rutile, Tourmaline, Epidote and Goethite.


Let’s rather move on to the amazing power of Sagenite, and to introduce that I think I should tell the story of the Sagenite included Quartz. That Tucson show, I was accompanied by my assistant Lauren, and my son, Aidan. This was significant, because I would never have bought that crystal without outside encouragement.

We entered the room of a high-end dealer, and were immediately struck by this one particular specimen. My son Aidan, who had a fine eye, and later became an artist, took one look at it, recognized something special and said, in a Mr. Bean voice: “Buy it.” The price on this spectacular crystal was far beyond any amount I had spent on a crystal before, and represented 20% of my entire budget. Aidan was insistent – he stood at my shoulder, and kept repeating: “Buy it. Buy it. Buy it,” in my ear. All this in a Mr. Bean voice, of course.

This is what convinced me to buy the crystal (that is, besides wanting to stop the Mr. Bean voice in my ear) – the way the crystal felt. Here was this cold, angular, block of stone that felt … soft, warm and comforting. It was inexplicable. But it was palpable. I knew Aidan was right, so I set aside my doubts and worries, and bought the stone, having absolutely no idea how significant this purchase would be, because I didn’t know the properties of Sagenite.

The Sagenite set a whole new era into motion. When I looked up the healing property of Sagenite, I discovered it can be called the “no more painful lessons” stone, because as Melody says: “Sagenite is a ‘stone of wisdom.’ It helps one to be judicious in one’s experiences and to gain insight into the inner being without being required to repeat onerous situations: i.e., the user is reconciled to one-time learning experiences.” Melody, Love is in the Earth, p. 707.


Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The challenge was figuring out how to access this property – because as we all know, as humans we seem stuck in a never-ending repetition of painful lessons, not only in a single lifetime, but across multiple lifetimes.


Sagenite taught me a lot. It turns out that these repeating painful lessons are imprints on the energy field, very much like a neural pathway in the nervous system. To end the painful lesson, the imprint needs to be deleted from the energy field in the same way as one deletes software from a computer. The Sagenite taught me a series of Crystal Surgery procedures for accomplishing this deletion, including the making of a potion called “No More Painful Lessons.”


Another way to access this property is via contact with a Sagenite crystal. A small specimen, that can be worn as a pendant, would work. If you can’t find a small enough stone, but can find a larger one, then hold it, and meditate with it. The Sagenite will not “delete” the painful lesson – it will bring insights and information into consciousness and then it will be up to you to process that information and consciously delete the imprint yourself via the use of intention.


Another excellent way to access the healing property is by making crystal elixir with the Sagenite and drinking that elixir water every morning for 3 weeks. Remember, if you want to get additional information about how to accomplish these steps, or you want to see the Sagenite crystal for yourself, come visit us at We have over 400 pages of information.

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