Remote Crystal Healing

Vivien Schapera demonstrates using a Crystal Reading Board and doing a remote healing


It would be true to say that we currently live in the Crystal Age, because our electronic technology, and all of our modern technology is built on the power of crystals. Crystals are undeniably a physical phenomenon, commanding an extremely focused and organized chemical structure. This chemical structure sets up powerful electromagnetic capacities that affect vibrational frequency.

Crystals can be used for extremely successful remote healing sessions because they are not bound by either time or space. Crystals, as healing tools, are the ideal bridge between the physical realm and the etheric realm.

How Remote Energy Healing Works

To understand how crystals can be used in remote healing, it is first necessary to comprehend that as living beings we have both a physical structure and an energetic structure. Our energetic structure consists of the physical body, the energy body (which is the energetic duplicate of the physical body) and the energy field, also known as the aura.

Our energetic structures are not bound by time and space. We can (and do) project our energy bodies beyond the physical realm, into the etheric realm.

Understanding the Etheric Realm

The etheric realm is a wavelength, not a place. Radio waves, TV waves and X-Rays are wavelengths that we cannot see, but do exist “in the same space” as the light spectrum that we can see. When we switch on the appropriate equipment, the unseen wavelengths can be detected. So, when we switch on our TV, and choose the channel we want, we can watch a TV show.

Our energy fields and our energy bodies are also equipped to pick up, register and respond to etheric wavelengths that we don’t necessarily see with our physical eyes, or feel (consciously) with our physical bodies. (Although many can sense these vibrations and one can definitely learn to become more sensitive and expand one’s range of receptivity.)

When we want to connect with someone etherically, we can intentionally send out a “cord” of connection, establishing a direct line of communication between one’s self and the person we wish to connect with. All manner of emotions and energies, including love and healing, can be transmitted along this cord of connection.

Cording itself is neutral, but we must remember that undesirable energies can also be transmitted, both intentionally and unconsciously. When negative energy is sent, this is called “Psychic Attack,” a topic deserving its own article. For now, it is important to note that incoming and outgoing cording should be systematically cleared to avoid being an unwitting receptor and sender of uninvited energies.

You can find out more about cording and how to remove it here ( and here. (

The Crystal Healing Board

Vivien Schapera Crystal Reading Board used in Remote Healing
Crystal Reading Board used in Remote Healing









When doing a remote, or distance, Crystal Healing, I use a “Crystal Healing Board” and go through the following steps:

1. Ascertain “the right address” for sending the healing energy. I do this by getting the name, birth date and place of residence of the recipient. I specifically need the name as it appears on the birth certificate. (This is a “quirk” that is personal to me. Every Intuitive has her own methods for establishing etheric connection.)

Alternatively, a name and photograph can be used.

2. When working intuitively, I prefer to be given as little information as possible. As I attune, and begin to pick up information, I can check that I have tuned in to “the right address.” If I have been given information before the session, I cannot be sure whether I am attuning correctly or “remembering.” To proceed with the healing session I first establish that I am attuning successfully to the recipient, so I only begin sending healing energy once the recipient confirms that my “fresh” intuitive readings are accurate.

3. It is optional for me to connect telephonically with the recipient at the time of doing the remote session. I tend to prefer to have this connection, because we can interact in real time – I can get answers to questions, get feedback about what the recipient is feeling as I’m working, and I can answer any questions that the recipient may have.

It is not always possible to connect in real time, and this does not affect the potency of the healing energy. When time differences and availability issues prevent telephonic connection, an email dialog can also establish a powerful etheric connection.

Establishing etheric connection can take anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes in a first session. Once this bond has been established, the etheric connection in follow up sessions flows quite quickly.

4. On my Crystal Healing Board, I use a crystal to act as the proxy for the recipient. I connect the crystal’s energy body to the energy body of the recipient. I then proceed to systematically go through all the same protocols of a face-to-face session, doing the procedures on the proxy crystal, and checking in with the recipient to ensure that she is experiencing the energy.

A remote crystal healing session, with telephonic connection, takes about 45 minutes.

If an email dialog is being used:

  • I establish connection first
  • Do the session,
  • Write a (brief) report,
  • Continue the dialog
  • Answer questions

How Does the Quality of a Remote Session Compare with an In-Person Session?

Obviously, the experience of a remote session is different from an In-Person session. However, the difference does not lie in the effectiveness of the session.

A remote session has the advantage of purity. There are no distractions from perceiving the energy, because that is all there is to work with. This provides an opportunity for extraordinary depth and breadth in the energy work. For many people, experiencing the etheric realm, and Energy Healing, in this way, is a very moving and enlightening experience.

In contrast, an In-Person session has multiple additional layers, including the physical – allowing for hands-on contact and much visual information.

Which is better? In practice, it turns out that it is 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. I always assumed that an In-Person session (with me) is preferable, and that Remote Healing is a poor cousin – and I made that assumption because for me, hands-on work is an integral component to my In-Person sessions. Then one day, one of my California clients came to see me in Cincinnati, and after experiencing the In-Person session, to my utter surprise, she said: “I hope you don’t mind my saying, but in-person just isn’t the same … I much prefer the energy of the remote sessions!”

Indeed, I have learned, the “pure energy connection” is a very special experience.

Vivien Schapera healing with Crystal Reading Board




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