Quartz Manifestation Crystals – The Dangers of Manifesting

Manifestation Quartz has the healing property of manifesting what you ask for, but there are risks involved. This crystal message explains how to recognize manifestation Quartz and how to work successfully with these crystals.

Hello and welcome back to The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called life. This is the part where I, Vivien, convey messages from the mineral kingdom and today we’re going to talk to Manifestation Quartz about how to avoid the dangers of manifesting.


There are 2 kinds of Quartz Manifestation Crystals. The first kind has a crystal completely encapsulated inside the Quartz crystal, and the second kind has a Quartz crystal penetrating the Quartz crystal, so that it is partially encapsulated. This second kind is also called a Penetrator or Bridge crystal.

The first kind where there is a smaller crystal completely enclosed inside the bigger crystal is very rare. Sometimes you can come across a vendor who has been collecting them for resale, and that can make it seem like you can pick and choose a Manifestation Quartz crystal any day of the week, but if you interview the vendor, you will find out that these crystals have been found over time, when looking through many, many tables of Quartz. So, keep you eye out for such a crystal, because it’s a very special treasure indeed.

However, that’s just an introduction to the topic. Manifestation Quartz insisted that I interview it for today’s show, and I asked: “What is so urgent?” and Manifestation Quartz said: “It isn’t good if you do manifestation work wrongly. And lots and lots of people are doing manifestation work, and these wrong turns can even be dangerous!”

That sounded a bit dramatic to me, but I did receive this warning before. A long time ago, in the 1990’s, we went to Arkansas to buy crystals from the mines there. I got a truly lovely, big crystal with a small, but clear manifestation inside, right near the termination. One morning, I woke up early, and decided to program the crystal to manifest a book that I wanted to write. I followed the directions for programming the crystal, and then went for a run.

This run was in the countryside, in a lovely setting with woods, lakes and fields. I set off down the road, only to be joined by a very loudly buzzing bee. I couldn’t get away from it. I flapped my hands to shoo it away, but it wouldn’t relent. I don’t know if you have ever tried to outrun a bee, but let me assure you it can’t be done.

“OK, OK,” I thought, “Is this a sign? Is this a message?”

“Yes,” came the answer, “this is a sign and a message.”

“All right,” I asked, “What is the message?”

“There are 2 messages,” was the response. “The first message is ‘be careful.’ When you program a Manifestation Crystal, the crystal is actually programming you. That means that you have been programmed to write this book. The second message is that once you’ve been programmed, the path is relentless. It is like a train traveling along the tracks. Once set in motion, the only way to stop the process is to get off the tracks … and the only way off the tracks is to have a wreck.”

“Yikes!” I thought to myself, “what have I done?” And then, when my situation had been brought to consciousness, the bee miraculously flew off.

It was a very powerful message about manifestation work. We all know: “Be careful what you ask for?” But do we really understand what that means – all the implications, all the consequences?

I did really want to write that book, and guess what, in May 2002 my book Everyday Magic, my life as a case study highlighting the paradoxes of incarnation, was published. I can confirm it was a challenging journey, and it was relentless – 6 drafts in 7 years. But the lesson about being very careful and responsible about manifestation work was learned.

On my desk, I have 3 Quartz Manifestation crystals and I’ve asked them: “What do you want to say in closing?” and the answer is:

  1. Understand that manifestation work does not deliver completed products to your door, like ordering from Amazon. Manifestation work programs you to build the structures so that you will manifest the product.
  2. If you realize the manifestation program is too demanding on you, don’t shrug your shoulders and try to ignore the situation. Sit down and deprogram the crystal so that it can deprogram you.

If you want to learn how to program a Quartz crystal, there is a lesson specifically on that topic in our free Crystal Healing Foundation Course on CrystalHealingTechniques.com.

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