Purple Fluorite: Stone of Consciousness

Vivien talks to Purple Fluorite on the Schapera Show – Vivien’s Favorite Stone

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Purple Fluorite

Stone of Altered Consciousness

Hello and welcome back to The Schapera Show. This is the part of the show where I speak to crystals, and about crystals, and today we are talking to Purple Fluorite. When we talk about purple stones, of course we are all going to think of Amethyst, which is a wildly popular stone – I would venture to say the most popular stone of all. Don’t get me wrong when I say this though, because of course I love Amethyst just like everyone else, but my favorite purple stone is actually Purple Fluorite. I think this is because of my interest in Psychology and specifically my interest in the unconscious mind.

To fully understand why I love Purple Fluorite in this particular way, I need to explain about my interest in the unconscious mind. I am truly fascinated by the fact that 95% plus of our functioning is unconscious functioning. While we pride ourselves as humans for our rational capacities and our human inheritance of being conscious, we are actually governed, and steered, by the unconscious. Even the most intelligent among us, who may sneer and scoff at others for being “dumb,” are, in truth, being run by their unconscious minds. Perhaps such people are superior in their capacity to do calculations and other conscious functions, but nonetheless, they are just as subject as everyone else to the vicissitudes of the unconscious mind.

Purple Fluorite is the stone of the mind and the stone of states of consciousness. In the same way as the mind has the zones, or layers, of conscious/preconscious/unconscious, Purple Fluorite has zones of color that can range from white, to light purple, to dark purple. Even when these zones are not apparent or visible, this layering is innate to Purple Fluorite.

What is also interesting, is that the “mind” relates to two chakras, not one. The crown chakra is very much the home of our conscious thinking, and the third eye chakra is very much the home of our instinctual aspects and other unconscious functions, but informed analysis reveals that both are responsible for both conscious and unconscious functions and that they have to work in cooperation, and unity, to fulfill all the responsibilities of the nervous system.

In Crystal Surgery, Purple Fluorite is an important stone. I have a very special little piece of Purple Fluorite that wants me to tell you what one of my clients said. This particular client, Dr. Michael, is an anesthesiologist who came to me for the Alexander Technique, and was intrigued by all the crystals, which are not in any way part of the Alexander Technique. Dr. Michael asked whether he may also experience the crystal energy and I said: “Of course.” One of the first things that I did, was place this little piece of Purple Fluorite on his third eye. After a very short while, perhaps two minutes Dr. Michael said: “Wow! That altered my consciousness immediately. I had no idea a stone could do something like that … they should use this in hospitals.” As an expert in tracking state of mind and the associated physiological conditions, Dr. Michael was immediately able to tell the myriad effects that the Purple Fluorite was having on him. We all felt pleased with ourselves and the experience –Dr. Michael, me and the Purple Fluorite.

Purple Fluorite is capable of solving one of the most difficult conundrums in Psychology, or more accurately, psychotherapy. The paradox of psychotherapy is that one has to overcome one’s defense mechanisms in order to achieve some necessary insights, yet these defense mechanisms are the barrier to achieving the insights – leaving one in a “what comes first, the chicken or the egg” situation. When I see that clients are struggling with themselves in this way, I place Purple Fluorite on the five chakras from the second chakra to the third eye in the healing session. This allows pertinent information and self-insights to rise from unconscious, to preconscious to conscious in a comfortable and flowing manner that avoids confrontation and the triggering of even fiercer defense mechanisms.

In Crystal Surgery, I also use Purple Fluorite to quiet the mind by quieting the overstimulated nerve endings. In this procedure, Purple Fluorite acts like window shades on an excessively bright day – darkening the room so that instead of feeling over-stimulated, one feels calm and restful.

When I ask Purple Fluorite what message it wants to convey to you, I get quite a surprise. Purple Fluorite says: “Please tell everyone to remember that their mind is their very most important asset. Health and wellbeing depend entirely on your state of mind. Whereas you all seem to be aware of the significance of physical fitness, you aren’t all equally aware of mind fitness and how to develop and maintain this … until it is too late. Globally, there is an interest in developing the brains of children, yes. Globally there is an awareness that with such a large aging demographic, sustaining mental acuity into old age requires attention. But what about all the damage that is being done between childhood and old age?” Purple Fluorite is asking us to pay attention now – pay attention now to the health of your brain, nervous system and mind!

Gosh, that was a surprise. I’m definitely going to take a deeper look at this for myself and everyone that I take care of! Thank you Purple Fluorite, and thank you everyone for joining us here on The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. Please join us again next month.