The New Crystal Surgery 3


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The New Crystal Surgery 3 Syllabus and Lesson Sequence

The two main dynamics that we investigate in Crystal Surgery 3 are Building Etheric Tissue (Chapter 10, p. 265) and Imprints on the Energy Field (Chapter 11 p. 287). Crystal Surgery 3 is partially an immersion training, meaning that you learn by being immersed in an experience. The two vehicles for immersion training are the Phurba Ceremony (not in the book) and the Potion-Making (not in the book). The final aspect of Crystal Surgery is learning how to generate your own techniques and procedures (Chapter 12, p. 311).

Price: $300
If you purchase either the Bachelors Study Group or the Masters Study Group option,  you will receive a Coupon that gives you $150 off the price of this Crystal Surgery 3 course.


[Bold indicates it’s a chapter title/name of section, but it is still a lesson as well.]

  1. Building Etheric Tissue p. 265

Intro: Make video explaining etheric tissue again, with different page references, explanations.

  1. Chakra Repair p. 269
  2. Rebuilding a Chakra p. 273

The significance of the icon – how I developed these procedures – problems and pitfalls.

  1. Imprints on the Energy Field p. 287

Intro: What are imprints on the energy field? What does this mean? Like neural pathways, except in the etheric tissue

  1. Removing a Depression Imprint p. 289
  2. Restoring Joy with Rhodochrosite p. 291
  1. Accessing Unconscious Information p. 293
  1. Accessing Key Questions p.295
  1. Perceiving Repeating Painful Lessons p. 297
  2. Deleting Undesirable Imprints on the Energy Field p. 299
  3. Etheric Parenting p. 303
  4. Making Potions
  5. Generating Your Own Techniques and Procedures p. 311

Intro: What’s the difference between a technique and a procedure?

  1. How to use the template.
  1. Create your own technique
    How to investigate the properties of a stone
  1. Create your own procedure
  2. The Phurba Ceremony

The Phurba Ceremony – we will do this on zoom
The Potion Ceremony – you will do this with at least 2 other people in your own home
Make the elixir
Make the potion


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