Crystal Healing Instructor Certification




Crystal Healing Instructor Certification

One Semester of Training and Course Work — $650

Learn how to give a successful public Crystal Healing presentation; how to teach Crystal Healing; and how to introduce Crystal Surgery.

Teaching a Crystal Healing class is different from teaching a Crystal Surgery class. There is overlap, but there are also distinctions. It is important to learn how to teach Crystal Healing, and get experience of this process, before attempting to train your own Crystal Surgery students. One significant reason is because people will not commit to training in Crystal Surgery with you until they have experienced you teaching a lower commitment level Crystal Healing class.

As you go through your Crystal Surgery training you learn many detailed techniques and procedures and you have to know a lot more about Physiology, Anatomy, Energy Anatomy and the chemistry, physics and electrical properties about the stones than you need to know for Crystal Healing.

There are many more people interested in Crystal Healing classes than there are people willing to make the long-term commitment to learning Crystal Surgery. Crystal Healing classes act as a funnel, eventually bringing in a few committed students who see the value in Crystal Surgery and want to become professional practitioners.

This course will help you develop insight into the distinctions between Crystal Healing classes and Crystal Surgery training by teaching you how to plan and deliver a public, introductory presentation designed to attract both clients and students, and how to plan and deliver a Crystal Healing class that can also introduce skills and techniques drawn from Crystal Surgery.


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