Presentation for Energy Healers and Crystal Healers on Zoom 08-05-2023

Free Community Call – Presentation for Energy Healers and Crystal Healers on Zoom 08-05-2023

Time: Aug 5, 2023 12 Noon – 2pm Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Why Use Crystals in Energy Healing — understanding the amazing benefits that crystals have to offer
Vivien Schapera



My Most Helpful Chakra Stones
Katherine Keeping



Centering, Grounding and Balance, Stones that Integrate Energy Flow without Breaking the Bank!
Anastasia Pridlides


Chat Text
12:46:40 From Jennifer Berning : what 2 stones continuous rebalance chakras?
12:51:34 From jameson : Crystals for removing curses?
12:51:39 From Katherine Keeping : black and blue kyanite
12:53:20 From Katherine Keeping :
12:54:06 From Vivien Schapera : A curse is an imprint on the energy field and so you use the procedure for deleting an imprint to remove it.
13:10:04 From jameson : Thank you
13:10:20 From jameson : Where do I find that procedure
13:11:38 From Vivien Schapera : That could be described as infusing Rose Quartz into the heart chakra, and so that is an infusion procedure. Infusion is explained in the book in the Skills chapter
13:12:25 From Vivien Schapera : But just try it as demonstrated — it is not complex and the stone will actually guide you through it once you begin.
13:13:01 From jameson : Thank you!
13:22:33 From Katherine Keeping : Thank you for demonstrating your salt water technique for the end of a day.
13:22:44 From Jen Chicoine : Yes I have
13:23:01 From Jen Chicoine : Clear your stone in cup with water?
13:23:54 From Jen Chicoine : That is what kind of bowl?
13:24:07 From Vivien Schapera : “Dipping in the bowl” means dipping in the VORTEX of the bowl
13:24:34 From Jen Chicoine : Ah Thank you!
13:24:40 From Jennifer Berning : gneral question for anyone: I hear a lot about people wearing pendants but I love to wear rings. Rings are on one side of the body. Does that cause an imbalance because the ring is on the one side of the body and not in the middle of the body?
13:24:41 From David Deborah Felton Gonzales : Thank you all. Wonderful presentations !
13:26:00 From lalanen : Thank you to each for these presentations, wonderful!
13:26:42 From Katherine Keeping : There is a Gibbsite technique on a previous video that works well with tinnitus
13:27:29 From Vicks : Thanks to all of those presenting today 🙏🏻
13:27:49 From Susan Nunn : Thank you ALL presenters! Fabulous and useful information!
13:40:40 From Naila Hope : Is there anything that you would suggest for the swelling and pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis – other than the green flourite and anti inflammatory technique? Thank you.
13:41:39 From Vivien Schapera : lavirkite
13:44:30 From Naila Hope : My husband surgrey is on 12th and I have the RA thank you so much. I love larvikite and shungite so I will use it more. Thanks again. xx
13:45:00 From Melissa : is regular shungite good, or do we need elite/noble?
13:45:02 From Vivien Schapera :
13:47:43 From Jen Chicoine : Thank you very mucy
13:47:43 From Kelly : Thank you
13:47:45 From Jun : Thank you, Vivien.
13:47:48 From Naila Hope : thank you to you all – great live session xx