Practical Shamanism in the 21st Century

Shamanism is the intentional cultivation of a deep and nurturing relationship with the Spirit Realm. The dedicated Shaman allows himself to become the extra-ordinary agent of benevolent spirits and understands how to bring the energy and power sourced from the Spirit Realm, to Earth, for the benefit of humans and all the planet. Shamanism can assist us all in our healing, our personal development and our spiritual evolution.

Neil Schapera and Shamans DrumSince training in Shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Neil Schapera has developed his services in practical shamanism, adapting these extraordinary ancient practices to the spiritual needs of people in the 21st Century.

This adaptation has grown organically out of Neil’s special affinity with children, animals and nature, as well as a lifelong interest in photography. What do all of these have in common? They draw on this special talent: A profound ability to perceive and connect with the essential spirit of all living beings, and the phenomena of the universe.

Working with Neil offers a rare opportunity for you to personally experience the Spirit Realm and bring new meaning to your life.

 Neil’s Shamanic Healings include:

Soul Retrieval

All of us have lost parts of our Souls as we go through life’s difficulties. It is very helpful to have these Soul parts regularly returned as a psychophysical “spring cleaning” and spiritual re-integration.

Finding and retrieving Soul Parts that have been lost through life challenges and trauma delivers more integrated wholeness, including the return of crucial positive skills, attitudes, emotions and power.

 Power Animal Retrieval

Finding and retrieving lost Power Animals whose return brings greater power, vitality, protection and guidance.

 Shamanic Extraction Healing

Finding and removing energetic interferences and blockages that have been compromising a person’s well being and peace of mind.

 Shamanic Space Clearing

Clearing land, homes and offices of energetic intrusions and blockages.
Neil identifies the energies that do not belong in the places one inhabits that are interfering with the health, wellbeing and effectiveness of those who live and work there. Using Shamanic expertise, Neil safely ushers these unwanted and displaced energies to their own realm(s), dispels darkness and negativity, and enhances the home or work place with the light and blessings of benevolent spirit energy.

 Shamanic Divination

By connecting to the compassionate Spirit Realms, Neil accesses very useful information and guidance to help one understand issues and implement solutions to life’s problems.

All of these Shamanic Healing practices can be performed remotely as well as in person. The session is narrated and recorded by Neil, and the recording provided to the client. For Remote Sessions, connect with Neil.

 Neil has extensive training in Crystal Healing and regularly assists his wife Vivien Schapera in her workshops and running their website

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