Plasma Quartz: What is Dimming your Light?

Listen to the audio of Stone Message from Colombian “Plasma” Quartz here

Colombian “Plasma” Quartz

Hello and welcome back to The Schapera Show, where Vivien and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. This is the part of the show, where I, Vivien, talk about crystals and talk to crystals. Today, we are going to talk to a type of Colombian Quartz, from high up in the mountains of Colombia, also known as Plasma Quartz. Why “plasma?” – because these are the brightest, clearest examples of Quartz you can ever expect to find – and this is without any exaggeration. Colombian Quartz is breathtaking.

In my little pre-chat with Colombian Quartz, I asked it what its keynote is, and it said: “Call me a chameleon.” Well, that did not fill me with pleasure because I’m not that fond of reptiles although even I must admit to admiring chameleons. “Why ‘Chameleon?’” I asked. “Because I’m so adaptable,” said Colombian Quartz.

Well, I couldn’t argue with that. Before I met Colombian Quartz, the world of laser wands was divided into two, namely Diamantinas and Lemurians. Firstly, what’s a laser wand? A laser wand is a Quartz crystal that is broader at its base, and tapers to the termination. Diamantinas are laser wands that are named after their extremely bright light – like diamonds. Lemurians are laser wands with a very distinctive formation, and they can be pinkish, orange-ish, yellow-ish, white or clear – but they are not particularly bright in appearance and can even have a kind of film over them. Both Diamantinas and Lemurians are powerful and versatile tools. Colombian Quartz can come in a Lemurian formation, and a regular Quartz formation, always several notches brighter than any other kind of clear Quartz.

After experimenting with Colombian Quartz for a while, I realized that ALL of these points, no matter their formation, combine the properties of Diamantina and Lemurian laser wands. Even someone deeply immersed in the world of crystal healing can’t even begin to apprehend the true scope and significance of this. I will say this about Colombian Quartz: It is responsible for a whole new layer of Crystal Surgery entitled Micro Crystal Surgery. How so? Because Colombian Quartz also comes in small, gorgeous points called “jewelry points” and I have been able to use these fine, high vibration tools to connect me on a micro level to the nerves, membranes, organs and cells of the client’s body. This has been “illuminating” and of course, that is a key dynamic of Colombian Quartz – illumination.

But Colombian Quartz adds that’s there is another reason for being called a chameleon, and that’s because of the song by Boy George called Karma Chameleon. What exactly “Karma” refers to in that song, I certainly don’t know, and Colombian Quartz says that in any case, that’s moot, it’s the juxtaposition of the words that counts. It says that it has the properties of being chameleon-like, and also has the property of connecting people to their Karma. “What exactly does that mean?” I ask, and Colombian Quartz responds: “I light the way, as you will hear in my message.”


Then I ask Colombian Quartz, “In that case, what message do you want to share with us today?” it says: “I am all about ‘light.’ There are many points of light in the universe. At night, we seek inspiration from the stars. By day, we get life from the light of the sun. These we are familiar with.

“We are also familiar with the light that we see in other people. In an age of ‘influencers’ we follow the light of others, even though this may not always be wise.

“But what about your own inner light, the light within? How bright is your light? And even more importantly, what is dimming your light? This is a very, very important question to ask yourself. Remember, no one else can dim your light without you colluding. Only you can allow your light to become dim. This dimming occurs via falsehood. Believing false ideas, false news, false opinions, and false people will dim your light.

“You even have an expression for toxic falsehood that dims your light – you call it ‘gaslighting.’

“I am the antidote to gaslighting – of all kinds.

“Remember to strengthen the light within. I can help you do that. I can help you recognize truth and restore your belief in yourself. I can help you to understand your Karma, and I can throw light on the path ahead. In difficult times, I can light the darkest corners of your heart and mind, and in good times, I can light the lamp of self-expression and leadership.”

Well, thank you, Colombian Quartz. Now I know why I keep a beautiful Lemurian-shaped Colombian Quartz next to my bed, to accompany me on my spirit’s nighttime travels! Thank you for all the help in the healing sessions, and thank you for teaching me how to do Micro Crystal Surgery.

And thank you to all of you, for joining us here on The Schapera Show where Viv and Neil explore this big adventure called Life. Please join us again next month.